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How to use search

Search your ads.
Their ads are grouped in the personal Cabinet. From the main page to the office can be accessed by clicking on the triangle next to your nickname (the name).
Search ads.
To search for listings use the search bar.
The search bar ad consists of two parts: the left side has a search bar at the categories on the right keywords.
You can set the country filter and select the categories You are interested in an ad group.
Search by category.
Choosing the category You are under the category name once you see the number showing the number of ads in it. Clicking on the number, You stop the procedure of choice, and get a list of all ads in category. If You need more detail, You can continue the search immediately or while viewing the list of selected ads.
The keyword search.

Entering a keyword in the search bar, and clicking the«Find» button, You will receive a list of ads that contain that word. The search is performed based on the set filters by country and category.