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Security on the website
We recommend users of the site Narmala to follow simple safety rules.
You will easily be able to distinguish these ads from ads of the attackers.
Mostly scammers use the most well-known schemes, we will tell you some of them:
Make sure that you are on the website
Scammers make websites similar in appearance to the website Narmala,
with the help of these sites, the attackers try to take control of your data
(passwords, credit card numbers, and so on).
On behalf of the company Narmala scammers can send emails or SMS request data:
— Username, password
— Number of card
— Any confidential information
Also, attackers may have a psychological push to speed up the process, for example:
(Rather reply to the message you send in response to the # symbol and so on).
Be careful when working with any site on the Internet.
Submit a complaint to the ad who seem suspicious

and also violates company policy Narmala and the laws of any country in the world.