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Online   Narmala . com   A variety of pet products are sold. In the assortment of offers from nurseries, specialized stores, individuals. Products differ in functionality, dimensions and style.

What can be found on our website?

Playground   Narmala . com   offers products for animal lovers and professional breeders:

Feed . Visitors can buy dog ​​food or buy cat food. Implemented food mixes for parrots, fish, exotic animals. Presents diet compositions, products for the elderly and pregnant pets.    Cat food and dog food are available in the largest amounts. Dry food, wet food, special products are offered.

Cages and aviaries.   We decided to buy a dog, but do not know where to keep it? Take a look at the appropriate section of our site. It presents enclosures of various sizes and shapes. Solutions are offered for multiple dogs as well as single cages.

Grooming and care.   What animal does not like attention? At the site   Narmala . com   There is everything you need to care for your pet. In the sale of scissors, combs, assistive devices. Buyers have access to solutions for cats and dogs of various breeds.

Toys   Animals love to play. Acquiring a bright and unusual toy will delight the pet. Sellers offer products of various shapes and sizes. On sale are balls, toy mice, chewing bones and much more.

Sun beds and cabins.    Aesthetic sleeping places for cats, dogs and other animals. Pet gets its own recreation area, cozy and comfortable.

Fillers for toilets.   Special formulations that effectively absorb moisture and absorb odor. Cat and dog can buy filler at an affordable price.

Also in the sale of cosmetics, diapers, carrying and ammunition. The list of products is regularly expanded. There are new products from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

What are the benefits   Narmala ?

Work with the   Narmala . com   allows:

Purchase products from all over the world . On the site are sellers from more than 280 countries. Buyers can find original products that are not sold in their country.

Wide range of prices . Purchase the necessary product will be possible with any budget. Implementers regularly conduct promotions, offer discounts and nice bonuses.

Quickly find the desired product . The site has a convenient interface. Users can use functional search and practical online chat.

Safe to make a deal . You can buy food or a toy without unnecessary financial losses. Observance of the rules of the resource is monitored by experienced administrators. They block suspicious ads, fighting with scammers.

Start using the site right now! Go simple   registration   and get access to thousands of ads.

Who sells pet goods?

Sale of animal products is carried out following the implementer's:

  1. Individuals. Using Proposition privateers can be beneficial to buy pet products. Offers cheap food, toys, all kinds of bedding and mats. In the sale of new and used products.
  2. Wholesale bases . Salespeople specializing in large sales . Buy goods for animals in bulk can individuals and agricultural stores.
  3. Outlets . Pet stores, located next to residential buildings and shopping complexes. They sell cheap pet products and premium solutions . Delivery of the paid products is possible.

The site presents products for agriculture. Products are offered for the breeding and maintenance of pets, pet food in bulk . Solutions for agricultural enterprises and personal needs are presented .

How to sell existing products?

Zoo products can be sold by manufacturers and individuals. To submit an announcement you need:

  • Get registered . Full functionality of the site is available to authorized users . To activate account a It needs COMPUTE th mails as records or accounting nd s in social networks and.
  • To form an offer . The seller prepares an ad. It indicates the value of the goods, fixes its description. Along with the text part, it is recommended to use photo and video materials. This will increase the number of views, improve the attitude of customers to the product.
  • Get tested . Each ad is verified by the moderator th. Specialists to investigate e t proposal for inaccuracies and errors. If any, the announcement is sent for revision.

Lots that have been tested are displayed on the site. They appear in the first lines of the issue, later shifted by more recent offers.

How to speed up the implementation?

To increase the number of sales it is recommended:

  • Post quality photos . The pictures should display target product. When preparing images, you should use a high-resolution camera.
  • Make a detailed description . The text part should not be limited to a couple of words. Provide detailed information about the product, tell us about its performance. Additional information will create the right view of the product.
  • Inform about additional offers . D ostavki and animal products - demanded service. The presence of such an option will attract many buyers.
  • Lower prices . P ealizuya product inexpensively, you can increase your sales. The growth of turnover compensates for the costs of skid approx .

Assistance in selling cages, toys and feed for farm animals will provide additional options. Their use will allow you to : highlight an ad, pin it to the top of the site, place the “Urgent Sale” icon. Options are purchased individually or in sets. In the second case, the buyer receives a bonus .

How to buy the right product?

P search algorithm will provide quick product selection . The program is available to all users of the resource; it searches for lots according to the following criteria:

  • Category. The group to which the product belongs. Buyers have access to many sections : food, clothing, ammunition. You can select one or more categories.
  • Price range . Show specific st s Extra paid goods or certain first corridor. To remove price restrictions field is not filled .

Useful addition - search line. It identifies the product name or associative th and phrases. This increases search efficiency .

what still on the site?

In the framework of Narmala . com can be purchased:

  • Scooters. Affordable and practical means of transportation. Devices are in demand among adults and children. On sale models on electric e and classical decisions .
  • Musical instruments . Products for music lovers. Buyers can buy keyboards, percussion and wind instruments. Implemented electric guitars and synthesizers.
  • Rest . Products for trips to nature, various entertainment.
  • Collecting. In the sale of stamps, badges, antiques. Suitable products will find experienced and novice collectors.
  • Books. Printed editions of various years of release. Classical and technical literature, specialized manuals are offered .
  • Hunting. Devices and tools in demand among hunters. Buyers are available knives, tents, lures and more.

On Narmala . com presents a variety of original products. The range of available solutions is periodically updated. There are new, bright products.

We will be glad to see you among the users of the site!