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Using the site   Narmala , you can quickly get a job or find competent employees. The site contains thousands of offers from applicants and employers.    The number of ads is growing steadily. New jobs appear regularly.

What are the benefits   Narmala ?

Narmala . com   - This is a free classifieds board with a huge audience. We work in more than 200 countries of the world, we offer solutions for qualified specialists and applicants with no work experience.

What do employers get?

Looking for a qualified and responsible employee? You have come to the right place! At the site   Narmala   There are thousands of resumes from masters of various directions.

We provide:

Convenient communication between users . You can contact the applicant directly using the resource functionality.

Help in the promotion of ads . Need to quickly find an employee? Take advantage of additional options. They will make your offer more visible.

Simple and convenient search .    Pick up the staff is not difficult. Staff search will recommend suitable resumes.

When publishing a job posting, it is recommended to specify the requirements for the candidate: availability of specialized education, length of service, readiness for business trips, etc. This will narrow the search range, reduce temporary losses.

What can applicants get?

Playground   Narmala . com   will help you quickly find a job. We offer vacancies from commercial companies and government agencies. Applicants will be able to get a job as a driver, welder or designer.

By means of   Narmala   can find:

Work in Moscow.

Work in SPB.

Work in the CIS countries and the EU.

The site provides an easy and convenient job search, vacancies from direct employers are constantly present in the issue.

Benefits of the applicant:

No commissions and additional fees . Work with the   Narmala . com   completely free.

A wide range of offers . Job seekers can work without certain skills and work without experience. This is a great opportunity to start a career, as well as solve a financial issue.

A lot of ads from businesses . Want to find a job from direct employers? Nothing is easier! The site contains hundreds of companies that need your services. Just call or send an email to their representatives.

Still looking for a job? Take advantage of our site and solve the problem with employment!

  Fresh jobs in Moscow and St. Petersburg


Finding a job in the MSC and St. Petersburg has become even easier. Just use the Narmala search . The algorithm will help you find work at home, work without experience, work on your car. The user is required to select a category, length of service and the desired salary.

The most popular are the following vacancies:

  • Electrician . Professional installer, repair and maintenance of electrical networks. To work are allowed people with specialized education. Wages are high.
  • Electricians. A wizard for laying wiring, assembling electrical panels, installing power points. The electrician is an actual, good specialty, demanded in the private and state companies. Work as an electrician will provide a stable income. The specialist will find application in a large city and a small village.
  • Driver. Work related to the transportation of goods and people. In most cases, the car provides the employer, but there are proposals for employees with a personal car. The second option is less attractive. It implies financial and temporary losses on the maintenance of its own equipment.
  • PC repair specialist . Vacancy, implying full-time or part-time job. Certain skills are required from the applicant, experience is welcome. The equipment is repaired at home or in the service center.
  • Constructor . Specialists in the development of technical documentation are needed in large enterprises. With their help, standard and non-standard projects are prepared. Salary depends on the qualifications of the engineer and the complexity of the work performed.
  • Loader . You can be a loader without education, it is enough to have good physical training. Employees of this profile are needed in most enterprises. They are in demand in the food, chemical and manufacturing industries.
  • Plumber . Master of the repair of water supply (drainage) networks. Plumbers perform sewage cleaning, installation of shut-off equipment, installation of domestic highways. Search ads for plumbers are presented in significant numbers.
  • Welder. Welding is used in most enterprises. A master with specialized education can easily find a highly paid job. The duties of the welder include the creation of permanent connections based on metal elements. He works with rolled metal and prefabricated parts.

Finding work is quick and easy. You no longer need to visit dozens of organizations and study thematic portals. All great deals are collected in one place!

How to prepare a resume for work?

Resume writing is a responsible task. For its successful solution is to follow the following rules:

  • Honesty. Point out the skills you really possess. Applicants who have “embellished” their resumes are brought to light in the first month of work. At best, dodgers face dismissal on their own.
  • Meaningfulness . A resume should carry the maximum of useful information. You should not write long intro, telling about the current situation in life. Everything should be brief and to the point.
  • Placing graphic materials . To the document is to attach a photo. This will generate trust from the employer.

The best format for saving a resume is PDF . It is supported by most mobile devices, opens on any computer. You can also create a resume on our website.

How to apply for a job?

Site Narmala. com is visited by thousands of applicants. Find a competent specialist every employer. To post ads will require:

  • Sign up . Registration takes about one minute, performed via email or account on social networks.
  • Create an ad . When forming the proposal it is important to specify the requirements for the applicant and the level of wages. It is not recommended to use transliteration of Russian words (for example, rabota ). This will reduce the relevance of the ad for the search algorithm.
  • Successfully pass the test . All offers are reviewed by administrators. If there are no complaints, they are posted on the site.

Additional options will help to pay attention to the announcement. They will make the recording more visible, will attract many visitors.

Related sections

Narmala Marketplace is a diversified resource. There are sections dedicated to acquaintances, services and animals. Always in the sale of many goods:

  • For business . Equipment and materials for shops and private entrepreneurs.
  • For home . Furniture, appliances, aesthetic additions to the interior.
  • Hobbies and recreation . Sports equipment, collectibles, consumables for needlework.

The range of offers is constantly expanding. Every day something new appears!