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7 May
300 702 RUB
11 March
Tires Rechitsa
1 955 RUB
10 November
Passat 205000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Universal, Gasoline Gomel
75 176 RUB
10 November
Special equipment Gomel
120 281 RUB
11 September
Wheel Assembly Branch
1 203 RUB
7 August
For vehicles Rechitsa
1 052 RUB
10 June
Astra 100000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Sedan, Gasoline Chechersk
676 970 RUB
9 March
Mariner 200000, Whole, The wheel to the left, SUV 5 doors, Gasoline Rechitsa
762 784 RUB
11 January
238 370 RUB
27 September
other car Пробег 5000, Состояние Требует ремонта, Руль Левый, Тип Кузова Хетчбэк 5 дв., Двигатель Бензин Другие Автомобили Гомель Продам ваз 2109 на запчасти или на востановление ,двигатель 1,3. коробка 5 ступка.Все вопросы по... Gomel
600 RUB
26 July
Transporter 465000 mileage Whole, The steering wheel on the right, Minibus, Diesel Gomel
390 913 RUB
29 June
Carnival 2725000, In need of repair, The wheel to the left, Van, Diesel Gomel
511 193 RUB
31 March
XC70 415000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Universal, Gasoline Zhlobin
521 235 RUB
27 March
For vehicles Gomel
2 887 RUB
21 March
3008 40000, Whole, The wheel to the left, SUV 5 doors, Gasoline Mozyr
Give a gift
29 December
Accessories Gomel
8 119 RUB
28 September
Logan 15000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Universal, Gasoline Gomel
240 562 RUB
26 August
Alhambra 245000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Van, Diesel Mozyr
572 088 RUB
6 August
145 20000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Hatchback 3 DV., Diesel Kalinkovichi
114 418 RUB
24 July
Special equipment Gomel
20 000 RUB
4 July
Musso 190000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Pickup, Diesel Mozyr
254 261 RUB
30 June
Kalina 95000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Universal, Gasoline Gomel
266 974 RUB
30 June
XC90 220000, Whole, The wheel to the left, SUV 5 doors, Gasoline Gomel
521 235 RUB
24 May
Passat 290000, Whole, The wheel to the left, Sedan, Gasoline Svetlogorsk
158 913 RUB
19 May
50 852 RUB
30 April
Trailers for passenger Gomel
28 567 RUB
15 September
19 RUB
15 September
39 RUB
15 September
2106 55000 mileage Whole, The wheel to the left, Sedan, Gasoline Gomel
49 616 RUB
30 August
Trailers for passenger Mozyr
12 713 RUB
27 July
For vehicles Lelchitsy
4 450 RUB
28 November
Cerato 350000 mileage Whole, The wheel to the left, SUV 5 doors, Diesel Gomel
378 885 RUB
16 July
Corolla 275000 mileage Whole, The wheel to the left, Hatchback 5 DV., Gasoline Gomel
111 260 RUB

Car sales - who sells auto, moto and special equipment on the Narmala.com classifieds website?

Playground   Narmala . com   Car sale in Russia and other countries. We publish ads from Austria, England, Germany, Italy. The product range is periodically expanded. New interesting solutions appear regularly.


Buy - everyone can sell a car! The site contains: 

  • Private sellers. Ordinary car owners who sell their own vehicles. Buyers are offered bu cars with mileage new cars. Private traders are most eagerly traded. With the right approach, the buyer can expect a discount.
  • Car dealerships. Profile organizations where you can buy a used car, as well as buy a new vehicle. There are many dealers at the site, offering products in various price segments.
  • Manufacturing companies. Enterprises selling special equipment from their own fleet. Working with them, it will be possible to buy a used car, having saved a lot. 
Detailed information about the seller will help the site functionality. The buyer can contact the seller , links to his pages on social networks and all available ads. 

What are the ads for the sale of cars on the site? 

On   Narmala. com There are used and new cars. Buyers are offered: 

  • Cars. The largest segment. On sale cars from America, the EU and the Arab countries. There are not typical and classic cars. You can choose the right solution for almost any budget.
  • Freight traffic. Dump trucks, trucks, tractors and other dimensional equipment are sold on the site. Machines have significant power, focused on the movement of large, heavy loads.
  • Specialized machinery. Buyers are available excavators, bulldozers, hole pits . The equipment is designed to solve specific problems. It is used in the construction of industrial and municipal facilities, residential buildings and office buildings.

Along with wheeled and tracked vehicles, water transport is implemented. Buyers can purchase a boat, yacht or motorboat. Prices for water vehicles depend on their condition, functionality, performance. 

Guarantees that the buyer receives when buying a car 

Purchase of equipment   Narmala   - this: 

  • Simple and convenient selection. Cars with mileage buy help regular search. It sorts ads according to user requirements. Filtration is carried out according to the following parameters: make and model of the vehicle, year of manufacture, price, body type and engine power. To display ads that contain images, set the appropriate mark.
  • Secure communication. The customer communicates with the seller through regular chat or social networks. Possible communication by phone. The choice of the method of communication is always left to the buyer.
  • Protection against fraud. Auto buy - only verified users can sell. Each ad is moderated . Security Service   Narmala   responds to complaints, advises buyers on issues of interest. 
You can buy a new car right now! Select the appropriate model and contact the seller. 

Warranties that the retailer gets when selling cars 

Sellers can count on: 

  • Abundance of potential buyers. Playground   Narmala   represented in most countries. This allows you to promote goods in Russia and far beyond its borders. The presence of interesting proposals and properly built business plan guarantee high sales.
  • Help your business. Just start trading on   Narmala   and do not know how to declare yourself? Take advantage of additional options. They will help to display an ad in the TOP, select it, inform about the hot offer. The cost of additional services is low.
  • Extend your existing network. Do you already have a store? Tell us about his products on   Narmala . com . This will increase the popularity of the outlet, a positive impact on profits. 
On the site you can register as an individual or shop. In the second case, the user receives bonuses.


Register on  Narmala   right now! The procedure takes no more than one minute. 

Other equipment available to resource visitors 

Users   Narmala   may purchase classic and atypical transport. Always on sale:

  •  Aircraft. 
  • Helicopters. 
  • Motorcycles. 
  • Narrow-profile technology.

 Buy a motorcycle or other vehicle will be in a short time. Choose the right solution will be able to most demanding customers. 

What to look for when buying?

When purchasing a car from America or the Russian Federation, it is important to consider the following nuances: 

  1. The state of the working units and assemblies. Technique should not make extraneous noise. Optimally - to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis at the service station. The master will check the engine, transmission, suspension, exhaust system. He will determine the wear of parts, report on the feasibility of acquiring a vehicle. 
  2. The presence of corrosion. Body elements eventually rust. In the absence of proper maintenance, end-to-end corrosion occurs and the part must be replaced. Avoiding additional costs will allow a thorough visual inspection before purchasing. 
  3. Worn cabin. Careless attitude to the car by the owner leads to the following troubles: damage to the seats, the appearance of scuffs on the casing, deformation of the door handles. Eliminating these drawbacks is costly. 
  4. Legal cleanliness. There should be no restrictions on the vehicle. Comprehensive legal due diligence will help identify arrests and liens. 

Competent car selection will eliminate unnecessary financial and temporary losses. 

Sale of cars in Russia. Fast and easy 

Four simple tips will help speed up the implementation of the machine with the Russian registration:


  1. Create a detailed description. The buyer should receive comprehensive information about the proposed product. It is recommended to talk about the features of the operation of the machine, the frequency of the maintenance, the current fuel consumption and other nuances. 
  2. Post photos. The more images the better. The photo should capture the car in different angles, interior, engine compartment, luggage compartment. The abundance of graphic materials will allow you to create a complete picture of the product. 
  3. Set a fair price. Before specifying the cost of cars is recommended to analyze the market. Owning up-to-date information, you do not overcharge it and do not sell cheap. 
  4. Take advantage of additional options. The functionality of the site allows you to select an ad, raise it in a search or fix it at the top of the site. Services are available to individuals and commercial organizations. 

A properly formed proposal will ensure a quick and profitable sale of the vehicle.  

Additional sections to visit 

Playground   Narmala   - This is not only buying and selling. The resource contains many sections that are useful for arranging personal life and doing business: 

  • Work. The site contains thousands of offers from employers. Solve the issue with   employment will succeed quickly and easily. (Details)
  • Dating.   In the dating section   You are waiting for romantic dates and interesting conversations. It is never boring here. (Details)
  • Hobbies and recreation. All that is needed   for active and intense rest . Sports equipment, equipment, consumables for needlework are on sale. (Details)

We will be glad to see you among the satisfied visitors of our site!