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Ads: purchase and sale of motorcycles and motorcycles

30 198 RUB
26 March

At the site Narmala.com. presented a wide range of motorcycles. Here there are solutions for bikers, go-carting and outdoor enthusiasts. Equipment is available to buyers from more than 200 countries. In the sale of motorcycles from China, Germany and Japan. Implemented appliances from the USA, Canada and Mexico.

What can you buy at the site? 

Looking into the category "Moto", you can find: 

  • Motorcycles. An assortment of sports equipment and solutions for everyday use. Buy a motorcycle of the desired configuration is not difficult. For this it is necessary to examine the available offers. 
  • Scooters Simple and functional technique. You can buy a scooter for commuting or outdoor recreation. Such devices are inexpensive, easy to maintain and operate. 
  • ATVs. Technique for lovers of extreme relaxation. In the category "Moto" to buy a quad bike, you can quickly and easily. It is enough to enter the vehicle parameters. 
  • Snowmobiles Devices for winter trips. At Narmala.com. Amateur and professional snowmobiles are presented. The equipment differs in power, functionality, operational performance. 

The section contains karting vehicles and all-terrain vehicles. The number of ads is constantly growing. New, profitable offers appear regularly. 

How to purchase motorized equipment? 

Buy motorcycle can any registered user. Enough for this:

  1. Go to the section "Sale of motorcycles" through the menu located at the top of the site. 
  2. Select the type of equipment you want to purchase. 
  3. Specify the related parameters: engine power, year of manufacture, condition, etc. 
  4. Indicate the price range. 
  5. Click the "Find" button.

The site will give all the ads that match the request. It remains to choose the right offer and contact the seller.

Who implements the implementation?

  • Private individuals Retailers offering personal goods. The cost of equipment is below the market average. "In the appendage" the buyer can get rubber, spare parts, various stylistic decisions. Private owners are always open for bargaining. 
  • Online shopping. Many online stores have offices on the Narmala site. They offer all-terrain vehicles, scooters, mopeds, snowmobiles. The range of products from domestic and foreign manufacturers. 
  • Commercial organizations. Profile companies that implement equipment in connection with the modernization of the park. They can buy new and used motorcycles, UTV buggies, as well as other means of transportation. When the organization is disbanded, equipment is offered with a significant discount.

Buying motorcycles at Narmala.com is profitable, convenient and safe. Complete a simple registration and choose your bike today!

Parts and accessories

At the site is selling motorcycles and accessories for her. The latter are presented in significant quantities:

  • Rear view mirrors. Practical and reliable mirrors adapted for intensive use. Products have high performance, resistant to vibration and shock. On sale solutions for motorcycles Yamaha, BMW, motocross, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki.
  • Equipment. Overalls, ensuring the safe operation of ATVs, motorcycles and other equipment. Products vary in size, style, functionality. Presented solutions from famous brands and lesser-known manufacturers. Buyers can purchase an item of equipment or a complete set. In the second case, you can get a good discount.
  • Elements of protection. Auxiliary parts to prevent injury and damage to critical components. The protection is made of light alloys or plastic. It differs in the way of fastening, stylistics, features of use.
  • Reflective elements. Stickers, fixed on wheels or body. Products give the technique an aesthetic appearance, differ in color and size. Solutions for mopeds, scooters, snowmobiles, motorcycles.
  • Holders for smartphones. Universal equipment that allows you to fix the phone or tablet. Holders are attached to the vehicle body, provide reliable retention of electronics. Products will be appreciated by lovers of long journeys.
  • Decorative film. Polymeric material on the glue base. The film can imitate carbon or polished metal. Available in glossy and matte materials in various colors. The film is easy to apply. It can be placed on the tank, frame or steering block.
  • Shipping net. The product is mounted in the back of the seat of a snowmobile, scooter or moped. It is used to transport helmets, food, spare parts. Grids have different color and cell size. Their fixation does not cause difficulties.
  • Instrument panel. The multipurpose devices mounted to the place of regular guards. The equipment is equipped with backlit LCD screens. It is distinguished by excellent ergonomics and highly informative.
  • Tires, wheels. A wide range of wheels, tires and wheels, which will allow to overcome long distances or participate in races on the road or off-road.

The product range of spare parts and accessories is constantly expanding. New, progressive solutions appear regularly on the site.

What to consider when buying equipment?

Before you buy a motorcycle, you should conduct a thorough inspection. Special attention should be paid to:

  • Mechanical damage. Dents, scratches and cracks indicate careless use of the vehicle. Chances are that the equipment was in an accident or was subjected to high loads. Its full recovery can be quite expensive.
  • The degree of wear. Buying a vehicle with high mileage is a risky event. In the near future it may be necessary to replace units, assemblies, technical fluids. In case of unfavorable developments, spending on service exceeds the cost of motorcycles.
  • Problems with documents. The product must be accompanied by a complete set of papers. This guarantees its unimpeded registration with the regulatory authorities. You can purchase equipment without documents only for parts. Such devices are prohibited for use on public roads.

Careful selection of equipment - a bargain purchase guarantee.

Sale of motorcycles

Sell ​​motorized equipment easier than you think. This requires a series of simple steps:

  1. Register on the site. The registration procedure takes no more than one minute. It is enough to use e-mail, an account in social or search networks.
  2. Prepare an ad. To create ads using the site functionality. The user can upload a photo, “link” pages from VK and Instagram, create a detailed description.
  3. Passage of moderation. Each announcement is checked by administrators. It is allowed to be published when complying with the rules of the site.
  4. Placement on the site. Offer appears in search results. All users of the resource can see it.

Improve sales will help additional options. Their use will attract many new customers, significantly increase revenue.


Through the site Narmala you can buy or sell a motorcycle, motor boat, snowmobile, trucks and special equipment. We will be glad to see you among our satisfied users!