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Washing machine
1 000 RUB
shipping from the city ofBarnaul
10 May

In the "Household appliances" section there is equipment for cottages and apartments. Products are sold for kitchens, bedrooms, children's rooms. Standard devices and non-standard products are offered.

There are announcements from more than 280 countries on the site. Available equipment from the USA, Germany, France, China and Russia.  

What is available to users   Narmala ?

On our site you can:

Buy a vacuum cleaner . In the sale of functional and affordable equipment. Powerful vacuum cleaners for large areas and compact solutions for partial cleaning are presented. Fans of advanced technology can purchase robotic vacuum cleaners.

Buy a fridge . As part of the resource sold many refrigerators. Small devices for summer houses and full-featured solutions for apartments are offered.

Buy a microwave . Microwave ovens are presented very widely. Products differ in capacity, functionality, weight and dimensions. Choose the right solution for the kitchen of any size.

Buy a washing machine . Basic equipment and high-tech installations are on sale. It will be possible to purchase a washing machine with almost any budget.

Did not find a suitable product? Use the search function. It is enough to enter the name of the product, its type and estimated price. The algorithm will select the proposals that match your request.

Virtues   Narmala . com

Working with the platform allows you to get benefits to all user groups:

Buyers . Attention customers presented a huge range of products. In the sale of new and used machinery. Many products can be purchased at a substantial discount.

Sellers . Playground   Narmala   - This is an extensive market. Here there are buyers for typical and non-standard goods. Increase sales will help additional options. The seller can pin an ad in the top search bar, highlight it or mark it with a “Urgent sale” sticker.

Users can communicate by phone, through an electronic form or accounts in social networks.

Security guarantees

Observance of the rules of the site is monitored by administrators. They check new ads, respond to incoming complaints. Accounts of users found to be fraud are subject to blocking.

You can register on the site right now! Just go to the appropriate   the page   and fill out a simple form. For authorization suitable account from social networks.

Work with   Narmala . com   profitable, convenient and safe!

Who sells household appliances?

Place an advertisement on the sale of household appliances can any authorized user. The total number of offers published depends on the status of the seller.

Ads for the sale of equipment posted:

  • Individuals. Retailers offering personal products. They can buy a vacuum cleaner Karcher, air conditioning or a washing machine. Such sellers willingly bargain, provide a substantial discount.
  • Commercial organizations . Companies selling equipment from the office or warehouse. Cooperating with them, it will be possible to buy a refrigerator inexpensively, to order office equipment and consumables for it.
  • Online shopping . Representatives of large retail chains. Such sellers sell a large amount of goods, offer solutions for business and home. Through an online store, you can buy a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner , a professional camera, a split system.

On the site Narmala there are many original things. Here you can buy a small refrigerator, stylish wall clocks, audio recording equipment.

How to choose the right technique?

Need to buy a fridge in Minsk? Urgently needed a washing machine in Moscow? There is a solution! Use the Narmala search . The algorithm will offer the best options based on the specified parameters.

When choosing equipment for purchase, the following values ​​are indicated:

  • Product Name. The product name or its model is entered in the search box. The more accurate the wording, the sooner a suitable solution is found.
  • Price. The cost of the product in the range "from-to". In the absence of specific values, the algorithm will issue bids without price restrictions.
  • City. To buy vacuum cleaners in St. Petersburg, you must select the appropriate locality. Users can change not only the city, but also the country. This is relevant when searching for rare foreign goods.
  • The presence of a photo . If there is a tick in the box "with photo" search displays ads containing images.

Using the search algorithm will quickly buy a refrigerator in St. Petersburg, Moscow or any other city. The program is easy to use, has a convenient and intuitive interface.

There are no restrictions on the use of search at the Narmala site . Visitors can create an unlimited number of requests.

How to sell fast?

Looking for someone who wants to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner? Have you decided to sell your equipment at home? Quickly find a buyer will help tips on the formation of ads:

  • Create a detailed description . Tell us about the product as much as possible. Report on the features of its operation, functionality, operating parameters. When forming the description, you can use keywords, for example, “Dyson Wireless to buy a vacuum cleaner” or “To buy an industrial vacuum cleaner”. This will increase the relevance of the ad.
  • Post a photo . Having clear photos will create a complete picture of the product. If possible, post some videos. Ads with media content have the most views.
  • Set a fair price . Before you submit an ad, it is worth considering the offers of other sellers. This will exclude the installation of an inflated price tag.

Do not forget about the options offered by the site. With their help, it will be possible to select a sentence and fix it at the top of the page. Ancillary services are available to private sellers and online stores. Special packages aimed at aggressive sales have been developed for large distributors.

How to submit your own ad?

Free classified ads Narmala contains offers from around the world. To publish product information you will need to do the following:

  • Get registered . Posting a purchase and sale can only registered visitors. To join their ranks, simply use an account on social networks or fill in the registration form.
  • Log in . Submission of ads is carried out from a personal account. Login information will help.
  • Create an ad . For the formation of proposals provides a special form. It contains contact details, product information, terms of sale.
  • Send an offer for moderation . All ads are viewed by administrators. They reveal violations, errors and inaccuracies. If deficiencies are found, the application is sent for revision.

The announcement is published 30-40 minutes after the check. Initially, it occupies a leading place in the issuance, but later shifted to fresh offers.

Sell ​​your products right now! Just click on the "Add announcement" button.