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Commercial property

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Using the Narmala free ad space, you can profitably buy, sell or rent commercial real estate: in the range of solutions for small large and medium businesses.
Ad site users can:
Rent non-residential premises - Non-residential facilities are universal solutions. They can be adapted to any type of activity: the provision of medical services, the sale of goods, cafes and much more.
Rent an office - Individual entrepreneurs and commercial organizations can rent an office. The amount of monthly payments depends on the size of the office, its condition and location.
Rent space industrial orientation - Industrial space used in the organization of production. They are equipped with specialized equipment, may have additional rooms.
Rent commercial space - Trading platforms are located within the shopping and entertainment center, markets, multifunctional stores. The premises are used for the sale of food, building materials, specialized equipment.
Rent a warehouse - Warehouses are used to store finished products or components for their production. They are leased to private individuals, individual entrepreneurs and commercial organizations.
The list of available commercial real estate is periodically expanded. New, profitable offers appear regularly. And also on our site there are free ads for the sale without intermediaries of car spaces and garages, renting and selling rooms, you can also find Land plots for building large and small houses for summer cottages and elite cottages, look for advantageous offers for the sale and rent of Apartments in any city world without intermediaries.
Work with
Through the site Narmala, you can set up properties for sale, purchase or rent the object of interest. Find the right solution will help search. It is fast and easy to set up. The user simply enter the required parameters and press the "find" button.
Using provides the following benefits:
Wide opportunities - When selling commercial real estate, you can use additional options. This will speed up the implementation of the object.
Save time - Buy commercial real estate succeeds in a short time. The user will not have to register on dozens of sites, all ads are collected in one place.
Security - Administration monitors compliance with the order. Fake offers for the sale of non-residential premises and other real estate immediately removed. is a reliable partner for your business development.
Features rental
Before signing an office lease agreement or other commercial real estate, you must carefully inspect the object. Special attention should be paid to:
The state of non-residential premises - Optimally, if the object has high aesthetic qualities: there is cosmetic repairs, new engineering communications are laid. The water supply and sewage lines, as well as the electrical networks, deserve thorough inspection. If any deficiencies are identified, they should be reported to the owner - this will allow you to receive a discount.
Location of the object - Rental of non-residential premises in high-traffic areas is a guarantee of successful trading. When opening a store, it is worth picking up objects as close as possible to the center.
Legal component - Rental of commercial real estate should be carried out in accordance with the contract. This guarantees the safety of the property of the tenant and the smooth operation of the organization. Rent based on oral agreement has many risks. In the event of an emergency, the tenant will not be able to prove the legality of his stay at the facility.
Pricing - Looking after the office for rent, it is important to carefully examine all the ads. Many objects can be rented with a big discount.
Bargaining - The ability to bargain will help save. With proper communication with the owner will be able to achieve a concession in the amount of several thousand rubles.
Using the functionality of the site ads, rent an office or warehouse is not difficult for your business. Suitable offers will be found for organizations and individuals.

How to work with search ads?

Regular search algorithm will help with the selection of ads. The user just needs to enter a number of parameters:

Category - The type of property within which the search is made. In the pop-up menu, select the item “Commercial real estate”.

Ad view - There are many offers on the site. There are ads for buying, renting and selling commercial real estate. The user is required to specify the option that is optimal for him.

Price - The budget for the rental (purchase) of the object. The absence of any data will lead to the issuance of all offers without price restrictions.

The presence of a photo - When you check in the "With photo" box, the search will only display ads with images.

Entering the required parameters takes no more than one minute. The operation can be performed on your phone, tablet or computer.

In which buildings can commercial premises be located?

The premises for doing business can be:

In a residential building - Non-residential areas are located on the first and second floors of apartment buildings.

In a detached building - Commercial space occupies the entire area of ​​the building. It can be made of bricks, blocks or panels.

At a manufacturing plant - Many companies lease unused space. They are optimal for organizing a small office or warehouse.

The type of construction imposes certain restrictions on the operation of the premises. This should be remembered when choosing an object.

Buying or renting a property?

Some business owners prefer to buy commercial real estate instead of renting it. This approach has its advantages:

Protection against cost increases - When a lease is extended, its cost often increases. With its own premises, you can not worry about such a development.

The absence of a third party at the facility - Only the owner and his entourage have access to the premises.

The possibility of redevelopment and modernization - the owner of the object can erect additional partitions, pave new communications, install support equipment. This advantage is especially important for manufacturers.

The owner can use part of the acquired premises, and the rest can be leased.

Cons real estate purchase:

Significant one-time expenses - Most business objects are expensive. Their acquisition will require considerable financial investments.

Payment of taxes and fees - Owning real estate implies an additional tax burden.

Associated costs - Repair and maintenance of the premises the owner performs independently. In some cases, these processes are costly. You can also find on our website artists who will make any repairs to the premises.

The final choice is always up to the buyer. When making a decision, one should take into account the economic situation in the country, the specifics of the business and the parameters of the target object.

Using the platform Narmala, you can rent a warehouse, office or commercial space. We will help you find the best offer, we will recommend solutions that meet the requirements.

To complete the work with the resource is required to register. The procedure takes no more than one minute.