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21 June
Townhouse Wall material: Brick Imatra
17 689 850 RUB
26 February
Automotive business Helsinki
955 RUB
27 November
Transport, logistics, foreign trade Pielavesi
198 126 RUB
28 January
Construction, engineering, real estate Helsinki
100 000 RUB
26 November
Industry, manufacturing Imatra
50 000 RUB
20 March
Toy Terrier Heinola
28 304 RUB
20 March
Spitz Helsinki
42 456 RUB
6 June
3 538 RUB
9 April
707 RUB
11 March
Transport, logistics, foreign trade Helsinki
955 RUB
11 March
Transport, logistics, foreign trade Helsinki
955 RUB
6 March
Transport, logistics, foreign trade Helsinki
955 RUB
16 August
142 RUB

Free ads Board Narmala.com - this is a functional trading platform that allows you to sell goods in Russia and abroad. It offers users a user-friendly interface, responsive administration, multi-language support.


The website publishes ads from more than 200 countries. Products from Russia, Belarus, USA, China, Abkhazia are presented here. You can contact the seller using the regular chat. This contributes to the rapid execution of the transaction, eliminates the additional costs of communication.


As part of the Bulletin Board sold goods for the home, vehicles,real estate. The wide range of plants, gifts, products for animals.


How do I submit an ad?

Place the goods on the site is not difficult. This is enough:


Get authorization (log in). A requirement that is mandatory for all users. If you have a login and password, you should enter them in the appropriate window. In the absence of – register.

Select a category. The seller determines which segment the product belongs to. To make the right choice to help hints.

Publication of product information. Final stage. From the seller is required to upload photos and make a brief description of the product. If necessary, the technical characteristics are entered.


Using the site Narmala.com it will help to sell the goods at the best price. All you need to do is to pass a simple registration and submit an ad.