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Offer of service

Translation, typing
1 005 RUB
26 May
Installation and maintenance of equipment
142 277 RUB
18 May
Food, catering
7 732 RUB
18 May
Repair of apartments
1 160 RUB
18 May

Users   Narmala   A wide range of services is available. At the site there are offers from individuals, commercial organizations and government agencies. Cooperation with domestic and foreign companies is possible.

Service offer:

Installation of metal structures . Specialists perform the installation of metal doors, fences, frames. There are offers from private masters and companies.

Legal services . The provision of services is carried out by specialized organizations. The client can order the preparation of the contract, the registration of the LLC, the submission of documents to certain authorities.

Repair . The site contains many workshops. They assist in the repair of vehicles, household appliances, furniture. Exit works are possible.

Laying of engineering networks . Users   Narmala   may contact electricians or plumbers. Masters will carry out the necessary communications, perform maintenance and modernization of the existing line.

Project preparation . The provision of documentation development services is carried out by accredited bureaus. They also help with passing the examination.

Improvement . Services related to the laying of asphalt, the organization of playgrounds and parking areas. During the work involved specialized equipment.

Transportation. Transport companies deliver cargo to anywhere in Russia. The customer can send a small product or industrial equipment.

Loading - unloading . At the site there is a mass of proposals from movers. Specialists organize travel, assist in the transport of furniture.

By means of   Narmala . com   you can order government services. It is enough to find a suitable ad and contact the contact person.

How to work with the section?

In the category "Services" ads are divided into two types:

Offer of services . Ads from companies and private traders offering to perform a particular job.

Order services . Requests from users of the site who need assistance.

Offers can be sorted by cost. To do this, in the corresponding field indicates the price range.

The advantages of using the site

Working with   Narmala . com , you can count on:

A huge range of services . Logistic, production and utilities services are available to users. The number of proposals is periodically expanded.

Protection from fraudsters . All ads are being tested. Moderators monitor compliance with the rules of the site. Accounts of users suspected of violations are blocked.

Effective customer acquisition . Service providers have many options available. They can highlight the ad, raise it in the search, add a "hot offer" icon.

To start using the site you need to register. The procedure is extremely simple, takes no more than one minute.

Choosing   Narmala . com , you make the right decision!

What services are most in demand?

By means of Narmala . com are compensated and gratuitous services. The most popular are the following activities:

  • Services for business . Works related to the setting up of equipment, cleaning, technical support. Such specialists are attracted to state-owned companies, large and small entrepreneurs. The provision of services is carried out in the framework of the contract or oral agreement.
  • Massage services. The demand for massage therapists is very high. To the help of experts resort in the preventive and medical purposes. Private masters are especially popular. Cooperation with them allows you to get massage services at an attractive price.
  • Services to finalize sites. Events associated with the setting and optimization of Internet resources . Work is underway on updating the code, integrating new algorithms, and redesigning. Provide services can a private individual and a commercial organization.
  • Service "husband for an hour . " Attracting "a jack of all trades" to solve any household problems. The specialist will replace the leaked faucet, eliminate the short in the wiring, install the lighting devices, and clean the sewage system.

Orders for services are accepted by phone or via internal chat. As a result of negotiations, the price and the place where the services will be provided is determined.

How to find a responsible specialist?

In the selection of a qualified wizard will help the search algorithm. It allows you to classify ads according to the following criteria:

  • The specifics of the provision of services . In the search box, enter the name of the work performed, for example, laying tiles, garbage collection, PC setup. One activity is indicated simultaneously, otherwise the search will not give results.
  • The presence of photos . When set to “with photo”, the search will not give suggestions without images. Looking through ads with graphic materials, you can get acquainted with examples of work, appreciating the professionalism of the master.
  • Price. The maximum allowable cost of services. If there is no parameter, the algorithm displays all available offers.

Using the search will provide complete information about the offer of services. The module is easy to configure, has a high speed.

How to apply for services?

You can tell about your offer to domestic and foreign customers. Enough for this:

  • Create an authorized account . Access to placing ads have only registered users. They can publish offers and activate additional options for their promotion. Registration is simple and convenient. Enough to use e-mail or account in a social network.
  • Create an ad . The user fills out a standard form in which indicates the name of the service, its detailed description, the cost of the work. Photo materials are placed whenever possible. They will help attract the largest number of visitors.
  • Get moderated . Check ads - a prerequisite. Regular moderators look at the proposals sent to the publication. The presence of errors and inaccuracies - the reason to return an application for revision.

After a successful moderation announcement appears on the site. It occupies the top line in search results. With the advent of new, similar lots, the offer is omitted.

What else can be useful playground?

Narmala free classifieds site contains many sections. The following headings are available to visitors:

  • Consumer electronics . Home Appliances. On the pages of the section are proposals for the sale of televisions, stereos, washing machines. The range of typical and high-tech solutions.
  • Transportation . Cars and other equipment. There are advertisements for the sale of buses, trucks, railway transport. In the presence of aircraft and sailing yachts. Choose the right solution will be able the most sophisticated buyer.
  • Work. Offers from the best companies and agencies. Visitors will be able to find a side job or get a full-time job. The range of vacancies of engineers, programmers, welders, drivers.
  • Personal things . Clothing, beauty and health products, items for interior decoration. Author's products and typical products are offered.

You can use the resource functionality right now! Complete a simple registration and get access to all the features of the site.