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1 559 316 RUB
Продам Нарва Срочно продам 2ух комнатную квартиру в Нарве 38.8 кв.м.,нужен ремонт, 4/5, комнаты раздельные,...
2 June
4 678 RUB
2 June
Are you going to buy, rent or rent an apartment? will help in this task. It offers a powerful, functional platform, operating in more than 200 countries around the world. We offer real estate from Poland, England, CIS countries and North America. users can:
To buy an apartment. The site contains thousands of ads from individuals and commercial organizations. In the sale of apartments in new buildings and private homes, typical and non-standard solutions.
Sell ​​an apartment. The audience of the site is constantly growing. Thousands of visitors will see your advertisement for the sale of an apartment.
To rent an apartment. Looking for decent tenants? Playground Narmala will help with this. With us you will find responsible tenants, hand over housing at the best price.
To rent an apartment. Using the functionality of Narmala, you will quickly pick up an apartment without intermediaries. The site has no fake ads and fraudulent offers, which greatly simplifies the search.
We are attentive to the requirements of users, we consider all incoming requests. Our goal is to make the site more convenient.
Why is it profitable to work with us? is a selection of thousands of sellers and buyers. The site is actively developing, continues to gain popularity.
Five reasons to work with Narmala:
Honesty and openness. The service does not charge third-party commissions and additional fees. Publication of ads will not cause significant expenses.
Ability to work with any suggestions. With you can rent an apartment or sell a part of it.
Simple registration. You can access the site using your account in search engines and social networks. Registration takes less than 1 minute.
Comprehensive support. The site consultants are always in touch. You can contact them by phone or by electronic form.
Growing audience. The number of active users is increasing every year. Your offer will be recognized in all corners of the world.
You can start working with the platform right now! Fill out the registration form and get access to the full range of functions.
How to choose a suitable apartment?
Find an apartment of the desired configuration will help regular filter. It searches for objects with the following parameters:
Number of rooms. In the sale of 1.2 and 3-bedroom apartments. Non-standard layouts are offered, containing 4 or more rooms.
The material of the walls. Apartments are sold in houses of timber, brick, foam concrete. Presented many proposals in panel buildings.
Floor. The choice of floor depends on personal preference. Some people like the first floors, some like “central” solutions.
Year of construction. Age of the house has a special meaning. The “younger” the building, the better the communications are and the more progressive the layout.

Additional factors include the total area of ​​the room, the type of object (secondary housing or new building), the material of interior partitions and floors. 

Efficient sale with Narmala

Additional options will help to quickly and efficiently sell an apartment. They will allow you to select an ad, attach it to the top of the search, add the “urgent sale” icon. The cost of promotion is low. The user can purchase a separate option or order a range of services.

Activation of ancillary services will allow:

• Speed ​​up the sale of an apartment. With the announcement will meet many loyal customers. This will increase the likelihood of sale, reduce the threshold of bargaining.

• Stimulate buyers. The Urgent Sale pictogram is a bargain indicator. Many visitors pay special attention to ads with a similar label.

• Increase financial gain. The abundance of interested customers will realize the property at a high price.

Additional services will provide significant assistance in the sale of the least liquid objects, such as 4- and 5-room apartments.

If you need to rent a house for rent

There are many landlords on the site. This allows you to rent an apartment on favorable terms. Users can:

• Rent an apartment without intermediaries. The resource contains a lot of ads from individuals. Rent an apartment without intermediaries can be quickly and easily.

• Consider special options. Many owners offer apartments for rent, presents hourly bids.

• Decently save. Users will find many affordable offers. Rent a house will succeed even with a modest budget.

Along with the rooms in the apartments are offered rooms in dormitories and cottages.

Buy a secondary apartment or new housing?

When buying an apartment, the question always arises, what kind of housing will be preferred? Two options are available: an apartment in a new building or in an old fund. Each type of object has its own characteristics:

• Apartments on the secondary have a lower cost. This is due to the wear and tear of the house, less convenient planning, the lack of an elevator or garbage chute.

• Housing in the new building is purchased at the expense of own funds, mortgage or maternity capital. Buy a new apartment in exchange for an existing one is not possible.

• A new home may shrink, resulting in deformation of the finish. Experts do not recommend making repairs in a new building for at least 3 years.

• Most of the new apartments have a free layout. Accommodation can be easily adapted to the needs of the owner.

• Residents of new homes - wealthy people who have the opportunity to purchase housing. Buying an apartment in the "old fund", there is a risk of acquiring dishonest neighbors.

• Most of the new buildings are equipped with convenient parking, has underground parking. Houses 60-80s have small yards, in which there is not always a place for a car.

Which option to choose - everyone decides for himself. Exposed apartment for sale is recommended to carefully examine. Of particular note are pipes for heating, sewage, hot and cold water. Not the last value has the status of electrical wiring.

How to submit an advertisement for the sale of an apartment?

To advertise the sale of housing, you must perform the following steps:

• Log in to the site. Access to the resource have only registered users. To register, you need to fill out the form, indicating the email address and password to log in. Allowed to use accounts from social networks and search services.

• Formation of ads. The seller describes the object. It is required to indicate the area of ​​the apartment, the number of rooms, the floor, the type of the house. The presence of a detailed text describing the features of housing is welcomed. Photos of the apartment also will not be superfluous. The more of them - the better. According to statistics, image ads have the most views.

• Passing a check. All free ads for apartments are viewed by moderators. Proposals that violate the rules of the site are sent for revision. If necessary, block ads.

• Publication. Ads that successfully pass the check appear in the search results. They are available to view buyers and sellers.

Cooperating with Narmala, you can sell or buy an apartment without intermediaries. We offer high-quality service, useful to individuals and commercial organizations.