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Grey cast iron SCH18, SCH 20, SCH21

shipping from the city ofEkaterinburg | Added: 1 June 2017 number: 900
100 RUB
The cast billets of grey cast iron SCH10, SCH15, SCH20, SCH25, SCH30, SCH35 , SCH 18-36
Taken in trade from 10 kg.
Cast any diameters, the sleeves are made of grey cast iron, grey cast iron circles, ingots of gray cast iron .
Term of manufacturing of workpieces 10-15 business days. Grey cast iron due to its good casting properties and sufficient mechanical strength is one of the common casting alloys. Made of grey cast iron produced by the method of casting all kinds of blanks used in various fields of engineering and everyday life. Grey iron is an alloy of iron with carbon and silicon. In addition, it contains small amounts of manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements.
In the presence of grey cast iron SCH 21, diameter: 100 mm, length 200 mm.
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