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Automotive night vision system IRWAY

Ekaterinburg | Added: 18 December 2017 number: 23761
55 000 RUB
Automotive night vision system IRWAY will greatly reduce the probability of accidents at dusk and night.
Will give you the opportunity to see the road at night, almost as day.
And during the day will help to maneuver in traffic!
Produced in Yekaterinburg.
With it you will be good to see the night the way even in unclear weather, 150-200 m distance from the middle light, and 500-800 m far.
How does IRWAY?
The driver activates the system in the night vision mode. In Farah, using a patented developer of technologies generates infrared radiation recorded by night vision camera. The signal is transmitted to an LCD monitor mounted in the dashboard. The image does not interfere with the perception of the road and adjusted so that the scale of the objects in the "picture" corresponds to what the driver sees through the windshield.
Possible to install (with some adaptation) for boats, yachts and other watercraft.
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