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Address: Ekaterinburg, г.Екатеринбург ул.Елизаветинское шоссе 29 офис 304/1, show the map
Designed for drying all types of gloves, mittens, leggings. Is installed on the screw supports or wheels with brakes-stoppers.
The size of the dryer for gloves: 500 width / depth 500 / height 1700 mm
Power dryers for gloves: 40 ° C, 1200W
Capacity dryers for gloves: 20 pairs
Dryer for gloves Vildis V-Top 20P – four-sided UV dryer is designed for drying of 20 pairs of Boxing gloves, mittens, leggings. The drying unit is a metal housing, equipped with a heating element and fan motor. Installed spherical end caps on the ducting dryers Vildis V-Top 20P prevent snags and allow the warm air to penetrate to all areas of the glove. The drying unit is equipped with a germicidal lamp that eliminates odors, bacteria, fungi and produces disinfection. The integrated LCD controller allows you to automatically adjust temperature, which does not require constant monitoring of the dryer. To install drying systems are provided as screw supports, and wheels with brakes-stoppers. To buy a dryer for gloves at a reasonable price for fitness clubs, Boxing schools, thereby securing the comfort and health of its customers!
The main characteristics of the dryer for gloves "Vildis V-Top-20p":
Spherical metal tips on dryer ducts.
Adjusting the temperature of the supply air 0-40oC.
Modes of operation of the dryer: manual mode; programming mode at the time.
Three-level protection against electrocution, short circuit, unstable voltage.
The performance of the blower of the drying unit: 1 x 700 m3/h.
Power consumption 1200W.
Voltage 220-230V.
Noise 71Дб.
Current 16A.
Degree of protection IP-34.
The color of the dryer: high temperature, powder.
Weight: 65 lbs.
Shipping volume: 0. 55m3.
The completeness of the drying system: ventilation unit, the removable air duct, connection piece.
Assembling the dryer for gloves: 2 persons/15 min.
THAT 3468-001-175400725-2012
Certificate of conformity GOST R IEC 60335-2-53-2001; GOST R 52161.2.45-200
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