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Address: Ekaterinburg, г.Екатеринбург ул.Елизаветинское шоссе 29 офис 304/1, show the map
Designed for drying shoes, leggings. Is installed on the screw supports.
The size of the dryer for shoes: 610 width / depth 380, height 1380 mm
Power boot warmers: 40 ° C, 1800W
The capacity of the dryer for shoes: 8 pairs
Dryers Vildis V-Light 8P is designed to dry 8 pairs of shoes, ski boots, skates, leggings, gloves. Dimensions of the dryer can be effectively used space. Thanks to the drying system term wearing of the Shoe is greatly increased. For drying gloves is provided, the spherical tips of the drying air duct for protection from thorns. The boot dryer comes with a UV lamp that can eliminate and prevent odors, fungus, bacteria. Dryer for shoes Vildis V-Light 8P no Assembly required - You plug the dryer into the network and begin to use it. The air technologies Quatro in the drying module facilitates the penetration of the heated circulating air to all areas of the Shoe: from the sock to the shaft. Buy dryer for shoes of the company "Vildis" at the best price possible for kindergartens and industrial enterprises, thereby to provide comfort and preserve health.
The main characteristics of the dryer for shoes "Vildis V-Light 8P":
Directed flow of air technologies Quatro for complete drying of shoes.
The temperature of the supply air in a drying system 40.
The performance of the blower of the drying unit 360 m3/h.
Protection from shock, short circuit, unstable voltage.
Power consumption of the dryer - 1800W
Voltage 220-230V.
The noise level is 50 dB.
Degree of protection IP 34
The color of the Shoe dryer of high temperature, powder.
The weight of the dryer - 25 kg.
The transport volume is 0. 3m3.
Dryer for shoes no Assembly required.
THAT 3468-001-175400725-2012
Certificate of conformity GOST R IEC 60335-2-53-2001; GOST R 52161.2.45-2008
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