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Storage rack skates. Set screw bearing, roller rail system or on wheels with brakes-stoppers.
The size of the rack skates: width 1300, 2000 / depth 660 / height 2260 mm
The capacity of the rack: up to 88 par
Comfortable sports equipment is stored on racks for storage of skate models VILDIS V-SR. Storage rack skates complete with additional adaptors for convenient storage of skates on the shelves. This kind of racks for storage of athletic shoes and sporting equipment commonly used by rental shops, sports centers, sporting goods stores.
One of the advantages of these racks for storing skates is that the number of shelves and the distance between them can easily be adjusted. Shelves for models of racks, and adapters for them, it is possible to buy the piece. This gives you the opportunity to host on the same rack as the skates and boots.
The main characteristics of the storage rack of skates "VILDIS V-SR"
The rack is designed for easy placement of the skates on both sides of the rack. The size of the rack skates allow You to make optimum use of the space.
The color of the rack skates - polyester powder paint with high protective properties, which allows long operation of this professional equipment rental. Protective side panels on the shelves of these models on the rack to eliminate the possibility of the Circlip with sharp edges.
Collapsible design of rack for storing skate - compact to transport, easy to assemble.
The base of the storage rack of skates can be installed on spiral supports, on wheels with brakes-stoppers, and a roller-rail system. The rails for the rack are made of stainless steel AISI 304 with a thickness of 3 mm. with holes for anchor bolts.
Screw the supports of the rack skates are adjustable up to 20 mm, which is sufficient to provide directional flow of water and remnants of snow in the desired direction.
Our engineers have specially created a shelf with such a slope that the water output is not flowing down the outer edges of shelves shelving for shoes Vildis.
Shelves and special adapters of the storage rack of skates made from steel from 0,8 mm to 1 mm depending on the chosen length of the storage rack of skates.
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