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Ekaterinburg | Added: 25 August 2017 number: 9437

Address: Ekaterinburg, г.Екатеринбург ул.Елизаветинское шоссе 29 офис 304/1, show the map

    Storage rack shoes and sporting equipment. Set screw bearing, roller rail system or on wheels with brakes-stoppers.
    Dimensions of shelving to store shoes: width 1250, 1500, 2000 / depth 400, height 2000 mm
    The capacity of the rack:
    Shoes height up to 380 mm.: up to 42 pairs
    Shoes height up to 280 mm up to 56 pairs
    Comfortable sports equipment is stored on racks for storage of shoes and sporting equipment models VILDIS SP-201. This kind of racks for storage of sports shoes and sports equipment, widely used in rental stations in the fitness center, sporting goods stores.
    One of the advantages of these racks is that the height of the shelves can be adjusted + / - 5 cm It allows you to use this storage rack not only ski boots, but ski boots (trainers, sneakers). Additional shelves for these models the racks can be purchased individually.
    Key features of the rack for storing shoes VILDIS SP-201
    Storage rack VILDIS SP-201 - functional rack for efficient placement of shoes. Boots are located in a vertical position on one side of the rack.
    The rack is made of sheet and profile iron. The whole structure of the rack painted with polymeric paint, which gives rigidity to the product and increases the life of equipment rental. Protective side panels on the shelves of these models on the rack to eliminate the possibility of the Circlip with sharp edges.
    The rack is collapsible, convenient for transportation.
    Universal platform allows you to install racks for storage of sports equipment on the screw bearing, roller rail system or on wheels with brakes-stoppers.
    In the roller rail system of professional equipment for rental Vildis include stainless steel bearings, with an outside diameter of 42mm. Rails for racks are made of stainless steel AISI 304 with a thickness of 3 mm with holes for anchor bolts.
    Shelves made of steel from 0.8 mm to 1mm depending on your chosen length of a rack for storing sports equipment. Screw supports are adjustable shelves tilt rack up to 20 mm to ensure drainage of melt water in the right direction.
    Decorative plastic inserts and covers on the bolts to attach the storage rack presentable attractive.
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