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Ads: Buying and Selling Real Estate and property

20 June
House Wall material: Brick Foam blocks Dzhiginka
2 800 000 RUB
2 May
Sell shipping from the city ofMoscow
700 000 RUB
28 October
Sell Продам в Джигинке Двa смeжных участкa Вишневая, 4 и Вишневaя 4а пo 7,5 сoтoк. ИТОГO 15! сoток зa 750 тыc.Xopошее... Dzhiginka
375 000 RUB
19 November
Sell Продам в Джигинке На участке есть плодовых ягодные деревья. Все камуникаций намеже. газ .свет .вода. 9.09 соток.... Dzhiginka
900 000 RUB
15 November
Sell Продам в Джигинке Продам земельный участок в Витязево (Анапа). До моря 5 мин на машине, пешком 15 мин. До Аэропорта... Dzhiginka
3 490 000 RUB
18 October
Sell Продам в Джигинке B cвязи c слoжившимиcя семейными обстоятeльствaми продaм учacтoк в Джигинке.. Poвный,... Dzhiginka
599 999 RUB
15 October
Sell Продам в Джигинке Участок от собственника. Брал для себя, изменились обстоятельства. Торг. Возможен обмен на авто,... Dzhiginka
420 000 RUB
8 October
Sell Продам в Джигинке Объект 56562 Анaпa – уникальнoe место отдыxа. И уникaльность его в том, чтo oнo идeaльнo... Dzhiginka
890 000 RUB
1 October
Sell Продам в Джигинке Учacтoк (ID - 31318) Опиcаниe: Город Анапa. В pайoнe поc. Джигинка прoдaeтcя зeмeльный учaсток... Dzhiginka
1 200 000 RUB
21 September
Sell Продам в Джигинке Участок ровный, расположен в жилой зоне. Свет, вода, газ все по границе с участком. Без... Dzhiginka
799 900 RUB
19 September
Sell Продам в Джигинке Продаётся приватизированный земельный участок 15соток. Есть проект и заложен фундамент 10х10,5.... Dzhiginka
850 000 RUB
4 September
Sell Продам в Джигинке Продaю oдноэтaжный недостроенный дoм в Кpаcнoдapскoм крae, в г-к Aнaпa, п. Джигинкe размеpoм 17,5... Dzhiginka
1 700 000 RUB
4 September
Sell Продам в Джигинке Участок ровный улица счастливая свет на границе участка. Рассматрю обмен Адрес: Краснодарский... Dzhiginka
650 000 RUB
24 August
Sell Продам в Джигинке Участок в посёлке Джигинка. Свидетельство ИЖС 24 сотки. 15 км до моря, 25 км до Анапы.... Dzhiginka
750 000 RUB
14 August
Sell Продам в Джигинке Продам участки в хуторе Уташ Площади по 7сот Осталось 4 участка От жилых домов в 100-150м От... Dzhiginka
70 000 RUB
14 August
Sell Продам в Джигинке Продам участок!!! 5 соток, все коммуникации проведены, документы готовы, под ИЖС, собственник... Dzhiginka
550 000 RUB
7 August
Sell Продам в Джигинке Прoдaм разработанный участок, нaпрямую oт Собственникa в гоpoдe-куpopтe Aнапа, с. Джигинкa. Все... Dzhiginka
800 000 RUB
20 July
Sell Продам в Джигинке На участке есть плодовых ягодные деревья. Все камуникаций намеже. газ .свет .вода. торг Адрес:... Dzhiginka
950 000 RUB
14 July
Sell Продам в Джигинке Продаётся действующее кафе Мечта, магазин и сауна общей площадью 280 кв.м. в центре посёлка... Dzhiginka
7 500 000 RUB
14 July
Sell Продам в Джигинке Участок с строением жилой вагончик ,на участке вода ,свет ,газ в перспективе. Адрес:... Dzhiginka
850 000 RUB
13 July
Sell Продам в Джигинке Продаётся участок ухоженный ,земля чернозем .Фасад 12,5 м.Коммуникации по меже.Слева от участка... Dzhiginka
7 000 000 RUB
11 July
Sell Продам в Джигинке ЗA ВEСЬ ЗEМEЛЬНЫЙ УЧАСТОK 12 сoток ПОД ИНДИВИДУАЛЬНOE ЖИЛИЩНOE CTPОИТЕЛЬСТВО - 900 000 pублей!!!... Dzhiginka
900 000 RUB
11 July
Sell Продам в Джигинке ЗА ВЕСЬ ЗЕМEЛЬHЫЙ УЧАСТОK 12 сoток ПOД ИНДИВИДУAЛЬНOЕ ЖИЛИЩНOE CTPОИТЕЛЬСТВО - 900 000 pублeй!!!... Dzhiginka
900 000 RUB

Narmala.com has a wide range of real estate. The range of solutions for individuals and commercial organizations. You can rent an apartment, buy a garage, rent a production room. The number of objects is steadily increasing. New, profitable offers appear regularly. 

As part of our site ads are implemented: 

  • Apartments: ads for the sale and rental of apartments tens of thousands. In the presence of cheap objects and business class apartments. Offered housing in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi. Real estate is being sold in Prague and New York. 
  • Rooms: rooms and dormitories are available to buyers. In the sale of objects for personal living and renting. Apartment - real estate is quite expensive. With a lack of cash, the room will be an excellent solution. 
  • Houses: there are many suburban real estate on the site: houses, cottages, outbuildings. In the sale of buildings for seasonal and permanent residence. Plots are offered in Europe, Russia and the USA. 
  • Garages and parking spaces : finding a place to park is not an easy task for a resident of a megalopolis. The garage or car parking will help in its solution . Portal Narmala.com offers small and two-storey garages, places in the underground and surface parking. 
  • Commercial real estate: Visitors to Narmala.com can buy property for commercial use. Available office and warehouse premises, production shops, transport platforms. 

Choose a suitable object is not difficult, just use the regular filter. It sorts ads by price and photo availability. 

Who works at the site? 

Real estate sales on Narmala.com are carried out: 

  • Individuals: the vast majority of sellers are private traders. They carry out the sale of suburban real estate, the sale of apartments. Individuals are more willing to make concessions. Cooperating with them, you can get a substantial discount. 
  • Real estate agencies: specialized companies specializing in the sale of apartments, land plots and houses. They offer a lot of objects, but they take a certain commission for their services. 
  • Commercial organizations: the sale of real estate by a legal entity is not uncommon in our time. Typically, these sellers specialize in commercial properties. With their help, it will be possible to acquire a warehouse, store, land. 

Buying property on Narmala.com is easier than you think. It offers users a convenient search, responsive interface and qualified consultants. 

Why choose us? 

Working with the Narmala platform is not only convenient, but also beneficial. With us you can: 

  1. Get access to ads from domestic and foreign sellers. 
  2. Promote your offers using advanced options. 
  3. Avoid trouble related to scam activities. 
  4. Reduce the cost of implementation (purchase) of the object. 

You can start working with the site right now - Complete a simple registration and get access to all available functions. 

Buy a cottage 

Narmala’s free classifieds website presents many holiday homes. The buildings differ in the following parameters: 

  • Total area. For sale one-, two- and three-story houses. On the site can be located several buildings. For example, the main house, house for guests and security. 
  • The material of the walls. Structures are built of brick, foam - and cinder blocks, lumber and arbolita. Each material has distinctive features. The brick is reliable and durable, wood concrete has a low cost, wood is the most environmentally friendly . Some sellers realize the combined constructions. In such buildings, the first floor can be made of brick, the second - from cinder block. 
  • The presence of communications. Summer houses are equipped with various engineering networks: water supply, water disposal, heating. Certain buildings are equipped with generators for uninterrupted supply of electrical energy. 
  • Condition. The level of depreciation of a building largely affects its price. The site implements new homes, as well as buildings that have been in operation for 20-30 years. When inspecting the building, attention should be paid to the state of the walls, foundation, roofing, communications. The presence of deficiencies is a reason for bargaining. 
  • Remoteness from the city. Houses located near settlements have the highest value. 

When buying - selling real estate legal question is of particular importance. It is necessary to draw up a contract correctly, to carry out the registration procedure in accordance with current regulations. 

Rent a cottage 

Buying a country cottage is not always advisable. In some cases it is more profitable to rent the building. Such a solution will provide the following benefits: 

  • Reduce financial spending: to rent an apartment or cottage is much cheaper than buying them. 
  • Lack of territorial affection: when moving you will not have to engage in the sale of the object. 
  • Minimization of expenses for routine maintenance: repair costs are borne by the owner. Tenant enough to point out the shortcomings. 

Property rental offers are presented in significant numbers. Find the right solution is not difficult. 

Office for rent 

Narmala.com has a lot of office rental ads. Objects differ in area, location and level of equipment. The range of small rooms for 3-7 people and overall rooms for large companies.


Offices can be located at industrial enterprises, in shopping centers, municipal buildings. 

Rental apartments and rooms 

Thanks Narmala.com will be able to rent a room without intermediaries on favorable terms. Visitors can count on: 

  1. A huge number of ads from individuals. 
  2. Opportunity to find housing in any area of ​​the target settlement. 
  3. Convenient search with extensive customization options. 
  4. Constantly updated list of offers. 

Selection of a suitable object does not take much time, just enter the appropriate parameters in the search box. 

Buy, rent, sell garage 

The site contains garages in the following versions: 

  • Brick. Reliable and functional buildings, characterized by high strength properties. Buildings are resistant to moisture, perfectly tolerate temperature changes. 
  • Blocky. Objects from slag - or foam blocks . Such buildings are more accessible than brick counterparts. They have a shorter service life and are more vulnerable to external factors. 
  • Metallic. Iron garages have a low price. The buildings have low performance, are subject to corrosion damage.

Most ads contain photos that allow you to assess the condition of the structure.

Features of work with the platform 

Narmala.ru is a functional international resource where you can buy real estate. Always on sale objects from Russia, near and far abroad.


The nuances that deserve attention when visiting the site:


Only authorized users can submit an ad for the sale of real estate. To place an offer on the site, you need to register.


The ad will appear in the search after being moderated. If there are errors and inaccuracies, it will be sent for revision.


Visitors to the site can advertise for free.


You can start using the resource right now! Through Narmala.ru you will quickly acquire, sell or rent real estate.