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On Narmala . com There is everything necessary for business. In the assortment of ready-made solutions and related products. Visitors can buy a franchise, order a business project, negotiate the sale of available goods .

Using the resources of the resource, it will be possible to organize:

  • Home business . Buyer Pit available minimum required to open a business. In the sale of tools and consumables, patterns and accessories.
  • Business in the garage . The garage room is great for small businesses. In it you can organize tire fitting, welding shop, repair shop. On site presented lifting equipment, metalworking tools, lighting. Solutions are offered for small and medium garages .
  • Business franchise . Narmala users available franchise directory. In the presence of global and domestic brands. Buying a franchise will make the business recognizable, will open up new growth opportunities.
  • Business with China . Trade in goods from China gives a good profit. The administration is actively developing , more and more entrepreneurs are turning their eyes towards China.
  • Business on the Internet . The site presents online e-solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Favorable offers will find copywriters, programmers, owners of trading platforms.

By means of Narmala . com will be able to buy a business in St. Petersburg, to buy a business in Minsk, to acquire a ready business in Moscow. There are a lot of offers based on franchising.

What is profitable cooperation with Narmala ?

Five reasons to use the second site:

  1. The ability to open a business with minimal investment . The resource does not take additional commissions. Anyone can choose solutions for a new business .
  2. Extensive market for product sales . On the site there are many clients. Finished products can be sold in Moscow, Minsk , St. Petersburg. Site assistance is useful for small and large companies.
  3. Convenient user interaction . Visitors can communicate by phone, chat and social networks. Allowed to use popular instant messengers.
  4. Security. Site order is maintained by administrators. They check ads, block accounts scam. Moderators review all complaints received from users digits together.
  5. Qualified support . Staff members are always in touch. Experts will tell you how to work with the catalog, help you buy products for a particular project.

The site is actively developing, new services and sections appear. Use resource om may the inhabitants of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tokyo and Beijing. Narmala . com is represented in more than 280 countries.

Work with a regular search

Not sure which business to open? Considered many proposals, but did not find the right ideas? Use the search algorithm Narmala . The program has a user-friendly interface , available to all visitors to the site.

When working with the algorithm, it is indicated :

  • Categorize me . The area in which the search is performed. There are several sections available to users: business equipment, ready-made business, raw materials, demand, investments. One at a time is active only and the category i.
  • Price. Estimated cost of a product or service. The visitor indicates the minimum and maximum value of the parameter. To view all offers it is worth leaving the fields empty.
  • Photo availability . Activating the item will exclude ads that do not contain images.

The program has a search string. It enter the target th and phrases, such as "small home business" or "internet business".

How to submit an ad?

Anyone can post an offer. This will require:

  • Get registered . Log in happens in one of three ways: via email, social or search network account. Registration takes less than a minute, carried out by phone, tablet or computer.
  • Create an ad . To form a proposal you need to fill in the appropriate form. The user specifies the parameter s product, refers to its price. It is recommended to fix one or several photos. This will increase the popularity of the ad.
  • Get tested . Each proposal is viewed by moderators, checked for compliance with the rules of the site. If there are violations, the ad is sent to revision.

Moderated lots appear in search results. Initially, they occupy a leading position, later shifted by more recent ads.

How to attract buyers ?

Additional options will help to increase the number of views. With their help succeed:

  • Highlight the sentence color frame.
  • Pin an ad to the top of the site.
  • "Raise" the lot in the search results.

Packages of options are available to visitors . Their purchase will provide a discount of 20-45%.

Who works at the site?

Buy products for business offer:

  • Individuals. Users working at home or in the garage. They sell inexpensive equipment and supplies. You can purchase welding equipment, metal, beads, and sewing machines from such distributors .
  • Business representatives . Companies offering franchises or profile installations. Suitable solutions will find private traders and large businessmen.
  • Profile agencies . Offers from organizations specializing in business support. Clients have access to services related to the opening and closing of the first enterprise, preparation of projects.

The number of sellers is steadily increasing. New, profitable offers appear regularly.

What else is available to users ?

Narmala visitors will find many interesting sections. It is recommended to pay attention to:

  • Musical instruments . Buyers are offered acoustic guitars and drums, flutes and pianos. Any connoisseur of music will be able to choose a suitable instrument.
  • Gifts. Bright and original gifts. In the assortment of gifts on the occasion of birthday, new year, professional holiday.
  • Books. Fiction and technical literature are offered. Presents rare and mass editions.
  • Collecting. The section contains stamps, badges, plaster figures. Lovers of classical art nai FLS paintings and murals.
  • Hunting. Inventory for experienced hunters. In the sale of tents, uniforms, supplies .
  • Scooters. Electric and classic vehicles. The products are especially popular among young people as well.

The site is actively developing. In the future, new sections are planned.

Register at Narmala . com - a step towards profitable deals and pleasant purchases!

T: Solutions for small and medium businesses .

D: On Narmala . com you can buy equipment, franchises, solutions for businesses in the garage and at home. Buyers will appreciate the wide range of products and affordable prices.