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At the site   Narmala   presented a wide range of children's clothing. Buyers are available overalls, vests, pants, dresses and more. The number of goods is growing steadily. Regularly appear favorable offers.

The site has children's clothing stores. They offer quality products at an affordable price. Buyers can purchase baby clothes wholesale and retail.  

How to choose the right products?

Buy baby clothes of the desired configuration will help search. He will recommend optimal solutions considering:

Type of clothes . The user can specify the type of things. There are many standard categories, from hats, to children's knitwear. If you are looking for non-standard products, it is recommended to select the “other” item.

Prices . When specifying a price range, the search returns products with the appropriate price tag. If you leave the box empty, all available offers will be presented.

Paul 's The site has a lot of solutions for boys and girls.

Photo . Activating the item “With photo” excludes the display of ads without an image.

Each ad is moderated . If violations are detected, the proposal is blocked.

Customer benefits

Working with the platform   Narmala , buyers can count on:

A wide range of products.

Many promotions and "urgent" lots.

Reliable protection against fraudsters.

Quick and easy registration.

Clothes can be bought by a private person and a commercial organization. Selection of the optimal proposal does not take much time.

Merchant Benefits

  The site offers to product retailers :

The audience in more than 200 countries.

The possibility of registering an online store.

A large package of additional options that contribute to sales growth.

Acceptable service fees.

Staff consultants are always ready to help. They will assist in the announcement, activate additional options, tell about current promotions.

Start working with   Narmala   right now! Complete a simple registration and use the full functionality of the site.

Product range

On the site Narmala placed free ads from thousands of sellers. Buyers available:

  • Children's homewear . Simple and reliable products focused on everyday use. In assortment home clothes for girls and boys. Presented products of domestic and foreign brands.
  • Baby clothes for newborns . Fashionable and practical things for the little ones. Products are made of natural materials that do not adversely affect the skin. Products for babies and newborns are certified, retain functionality over the entire life cycle.
  • Children's winter outerwear . Stylish children's clothing, demanded during the cold weather. In assortment children's clothes from Turkey and Finnish children's clothes. Choose the right things will succeed for the child of any build. Sellers offer: jackets, overalls, hats. Winter outerwear has a large margin of safety, is resistant to moisture.
  • Brand children's clothing . Brand items are stylish products for home and street. They contain original design solutions, correspond to the latest fashion trends. Such products are not cheap, their purchase requires significant expenses.

Some dealers offer to buy wholesale children's clothing. As a rule, these are representatives of manufacturing companies with Turkish, Finnish or domestic roots.

Quality issue

Visitors to Narmala can buy baby clothes from Turkey and the United States. Products are delivered by international carriers. When ordering a large wholesale, the buyer receives a discount. Products are sold without intermediaries, differ in size, cost, performance.

Before you buy a used item, you should pay attention to its condition:

  • Work locking elements . Buttons and buttons must be in place. Jaws and slippage are not allowed when using the buckles. The presence of such defects - the reason for the discount or refusal to purchase.
  • The presence of damage . Some sellers offer warped items. Such children's clothes are sold cheaply, delivered without branded packaging. The best choice is to buy goods without defects. It is somewhat more expensive, while it looks neat and stylish.
  • The degree of wear . The longer the item has been operated, the cheaper it is. Used clothes quickly fail, requiring time and financial expenses for repairs.

Thoughtful and attentive approach will allow you to buy high-quality children's clothing on favorable terms.

Prompt sale of products

How to quickly implement an existing product? This issue concerns private sellers and online stores. In this case, the following tips will help:

  • Reasonable pricing . Low price tag promotes sales growth. Benefits at registration of the wholesale order stimulate to make large purchases.
  • Availability of high-quality photos . Ads with images have the most views. It is recommended to publish several photos showing the subject from different angles.
  • Detailed description . Content text part will give a comprehensive picture of the product. You can talk about the functionality of the product, its distinctive features, the materials used in the production.

Substantial assistance in the implementation of clothing will have additional options. They allow you to select an ad, fix it at the top of the site, promote in the search. Activating options is inexpensive. Buying a package of services, the seller receives a discount.

How is the announcement made?

To place an offer on the site you need:

  • Log in as an authorized user . Visitors with registered accounts can log in. Registration takes less than one minute. It is carried out through an electronic form, recording in a social network or a search engine.
  • Create an ad . The seller forms an offer. He needs to enter a title, for example, winter clothing from Turkey, and make up a descriptive part. If possible, attached thematic images.
  • Get tested . Each ad is viewed by regular moderators. At detection of defects the application is sent for revision. The revised proposal is re- moderated . In the absence of claims it is published on the site.

The seller can edit their proposals posted on the board. It is enough to use the resource functionality.

What else does the playground offer?

On the Narmala website you can buy clothes for girls and boys, toys and souvenirs. In the sale of goods for business and home. Hobby and leisure products are widely represented.

It is also recommended to visit the sections:

  • Work. Jobs from leading employers. Suggestions for applicants with or without experience.
  • Dating . Section for visitors who want to meet. Here you can find a true friend and soul mate.
  • Services . Ads from private masters and commercial organizations.

We invite everyone to the site. You are waiting for good deals, nice shopping and interesting acquaintances!