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Protective blinds

Chernivtsi | Added: 29 July 2017 number: 6450
    Protective blinds the Most vulnerable spot of the shop, office or
    private houses for penetration
    outside Windows and doors. And clearly the desire of the owners to insure
    the premises from uninvited visits
    guests in their absence. An effective way to keep closed Windows, and
    door from abuse
    `dashing folk` is to provide them with protective shutters. Protective
    blinds or, in other words, shutters
    imagine a canvas of bonded metal
    the horizontal slats. They are called
    profiles. The canvas can move on rails or down
    or up naratiwas while
    located in the protective casing shaft. Control the slats or
    by hand or with the aid
    drive. Sometimes when installing protective shutters, with the aim
    backup, include both of these
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