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Konopatka log houses from logs and timber

shipping from the city ofChelyabinsk | Added: 14 July 2017 number: 4502
55 RUB
Konopatka mezhventsovyh joints of wooden log houses from logs and timber, sealing of the "fragmentary" timber and natural cracks in the logs log.
— Sign a contract
You give a 1 year warranty on konopatku.
— Check the thermal.
— Free travel around the city and in a radius of 50 km from Chelyabinsk
— Caulking of corner joints IN a GIFT
The cost of caulking different materials:
Jute/flax-jute - from 55 RUB/RM.
— Tow - 65 RUB/RM.
— Sealing torn log(cracks) acrylic sealant - from 60 RUB/p. m
— Decorating with jute rope - 25 RUB/n m
If you want to insulate your log cabin as cheaply as possible, keep in mind that for a small price lies and attitude to work poor quality of konopatka in haste, voids in the crowns of the surface caulking.
There is an old proverb: "Miser pays twice." And, unfortunately, those customers we met.
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Will be happy to answer all your questions!
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