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sauna Imperial Mansion

Chelyabinsk | Added: 23 August 2017, number: 9013
700 RUB
Address: Chelyabinsk, Польза финской сауны, Финская сауна улучшает кровоснабжение кожи, и даёт, положительный косметический эффект без всякой аллергии, в, отличие от многих косметических средств. Положительное, влияние на кожу сауна может оказывать даже при, заболеваниях: псориазе, крапивнице, экземе, фурункулёзе,, акне,, map
The use of the Finnish sauna, the Finnish sauna improves blood circulation and gives a positive cosmetic effect without any allergies, in contrast to many cosmetic products. Positive effect on the skin a sauna can provide, even if, diseases: psoriasis, urticaria, eczema, furunculosis, acne, healing scars and wounds., Healthy Finnish sauna makes optimal ratio of humidity and temperature. The temperature in the Finnish sauna, in comparison with the Russian bath can be very high – up to 100°C, but the humidity is much lower – only about 15%., A health effect is also due to the fact that hot, the air that we breathe, stimulates the supply of blood, the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and stimulates their cells. A strong heating of the body improves and speeds up the metabolic processes – this explains the beneficial effect on the skin., Earlier in the Finnish sauna have not used the broom, just get warm and sweat. Today, many saunas, including in Finland, happy to soar
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