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Roofing materials at competitive prices from the warehouse.

shipping from the city ofChelyabinsk | Added: 13 July 2017 number: 4287
    Huge selection of roofing materials. At an affordable price.
    Shingles Shinglas classic Rumba
    300 p/ m.
    Shingles Shinglas Finnish accord in stock red, grey, brown.
    234 p./ sq. m.
    Bituminous (flexible) tile Deck nice
    336р./ sq. m.
    Metal Tile Monterrey
    259 p./ sq. m.
    Shingles Shinglas Finnish Sonata
    234 p./ m2.
    Roofing the valve Krovent KTV-Wave
    1470 R./ PCs.
    Roofing the valve Krovent KTV-Seam
    1330 R./ piece
    Shingles Shinglas Ranch
    250 p.
    Bikrost HSP
    Length: 15 m
    Width: 1 m
    R. 895/ roll.
    Roofing the valve Krovent KTV.
    The area of ventilated space: 60 m2
    Size orifice:140см3.
    Available colors: red, green, brick, brown, grey, black
    880 p./ PC.
    Bikrost khkp slate grey.
    Length: 10 m
    Width: 1 m
    697 R./ roll.
    Flexible tile Shinglas jazz.
    460 R.
    Shingles Shinglas Jive (chord)
    Type of tile: Bitumen
    408 R.
    Bituminous (flexible) tile Deck Zurich
    The size and characteristics of the shingles.
    Shingle dimensions 1000 x 333 mm. Thickness кровли3 +/- 0.2 mm. Area of the roof of one package of 3.1 m2. Package weight 33,1 kg. Number of shingles in the package 22 PCs
    406 p./ sq. m
    Shingles Shinglas Ultra Foxtrot
    The size of one element: 100×31,7 cm
    362 p./ m. kV
    Shingles Shinglas Country
    353 p./ m2.
    Metal Viking
    Type of tile: Metal
    Type of profile: Monterrey
    339 p./ sq. m
    Metal Norman
    Type of tile: Metal
    Type of profile: Monterrey
    332 p. / sq. m.
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