Поиск в регионе Chelyabinsk

Ready business in the shopping center of the city. The Subway Network.

Chelyabinsk | Added: 14 July 2017 number: 4522
36 000 000 RUB
Address: Chelyabinsk, улица Цвиллинга, 25, show the map
Sold active and profitable chain of 5 restaurants, built on franchising.
The business is fully established and operates autonomously, gives monthly stable profits. Restaurants include signature hardware, made excellent renovation, complete with a full staff of employees (studied on the territory of the franchisor) in accordance with the standards of the Subway system.
The main product offered in restaurants, sandwiches are made with a patented technology right in front of the visitor of freshly baked bread, fresh vegetables, delicious meat and a variety of sauces, which is healthier alternative to fried food (Subway is considered as the healthiest fast food in the world).
All documents in order, revenue and profit easily verified. (Information provide by phone or e-mail).
Return business within three years.
The benefits of this proposal:
all restaurants are located in the top SEC cities (Diamond, cube, Slides, Fiesta, Spring), problems with traffic there;
- new equipment, you will not have to invest additional money;
- all processes are established and perfected, ready team that already knows its job;
- fast return, all points is already out on the operating profit;
famous brand, you will not need to think about is;
- support the business from a franchise company;
- the possibility of obtaining a lending businesses on preferential terms.
For more information please call.
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