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shipping from the city ofMinsk
2 June
190 RUB
shipping from the city ofMinsk
2 June
The Windows and balconies
150 RUB
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2 June
Beds, sofas and chairs
47 RUB
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18 May
Garden machinery
404 RUB
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18 May
Garden machinery
479 RUB
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18 May
Garden machinery
323 RUB
shipping from the city ofMozyr
18 May
Garden machinery
444 RUB
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18 May
Garden machinery
519 RUB
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18 May
1.79 RUB
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18 May
17 RUB
shipping from the city ofMozyr
18 May

Playground   Narmala . com   will help to purchase household goods. The range of products for apartments, country cottages, villas. New and used products are available to buyers.

Features of the site:

Favorable offers . Many products are sold at a discount. They are marked with a sticker "Hot offer".

Rich assortment . The site presents sellers from more than 280 countries. Find the right product is not difficult.

Convenient search . Need an exclusive product? Use the regular search engine! It will help you find offers that meet your needs.

The possibility of a productive dialogue . Site users can communicate by phone, through regular chat or social network.

The sale of products is carried out by private individuals and commercial organizations. The latter offer many products, carry out promotions.   

What is presented on the site?

Products sold on   Narmala . com , divided into several sections:

Household appliances . Vacuum cleaners, washing machines and TVs are available to buyers. Microwave ovens, electric kettles, blenders are on sale. Section one of the most voluminous, contains thousands of different proposals.

Furniture and interior . Sofas, armchairs, chairs, original interior compositions are offered.

Utensils . All kinds of plates, forks and pans. On sale everything you need to organize a cozy and functional kitchen.

Food . The section contains nuts, tea, coffee, natural sausages and potatoes. Most ads published by manufacturers.

Repair and construction . In the sale of finishing mixes, cement, tile. Visitors will find materials for cosmetic and major repairs.

Plants . Products for garden and vegetable garden. In the range of fruit trees and shrubs, various ornamental plants.

Ads are thoroughly tested. Suggestions that do not comply with the rules of the site are blocked by the moderator.

Support service is always ready to help. Its employees inform users about the features of the site, give recommendations on product search.

How to register for   Narmala . com ?

The registration procedure does not take much time. To pass it, just visit the corresponding   section , enter your password and email address. Authorization is allowed through accounts in social networks and search engines.

We will be glad to see you among the users of our site!

The purchase of useful goods for the home

Buy household goods for the home will help the search algorithm Narmala . It will be useful in the selection of equipment, tools, furniture. The program recommends optimal solutions based on user requirements.

When forming a request, you should consider:

  • Product Category. Buyers are available many products. Products are divided into categories, collected in the list. When starting a search, it is recommended to choose a target direction, for example, “Household Appliances” or “Furniture”. This will ensure effective delivery.
  • The name of the goods . The name of the product is entered in the search box. Optimally, if it is a specific model, for example, a Lenovo laptop P 52.
  • The presence of photos . When you check in the corresponding box, the search will display ads with images. Offers that do not contain photos are hidden.
  • The cost of production . The price is indicated in the range "from-to". In the absence of specific values, ads from all price categories are issued.

You can change the search parameters an unlimited number of times. The algorithm will help to find unique home goods, furniture, stylistic decorations.

Five quick sale rules

Want to realize interesting products for the home, but do not know where to start? We offer 5 effective tips that help to quickly attract customers:

  • Create a detailed description . Ads with expanded text part are useful to visitors. They give an idea of ​​the properties of the product, report on its benefits. This forms the loyal attitude of the buyer to the seller.
  • Do not forget about the photo . Availability of graphic materials is the key to successful sales. The statement is true for any goods: children's furniture, office cabinets, double sofas. It is recommended to take a photo from several angles, as well as to shoot a video, focused on the merits of the product.
  • Set a fair price . When offering products for kindergarten or products for a smart home, check out the announcements of other distributors . For a competitive advantage, set a price tag just below average.
  • Create a unique offer . Promotions will allow you to quickly sell household goods and similar products. They can be linked to small gifts and additional discounts.
  • Use auxiliary options . Free classifieds Narmala provides many services. Users can select an offer, fix it in the top lines of the search, place the “Urgent Sale” icon.

Additional options will help in the implementation of any goods. They are in demand when selling garden tools, foodstuffs, materials for repair and construction. The cost of services is low.

Sellers represented on the site

Products are sold by three types of sellers:

  • Private traders . Ordinary users selling personal property. When working with them you can get discounts and bonuses.
  • Trading networks . Large companies selling household goods in bulk. Such sellers offer favorable prices, delight buyers with a wide range.
  • Online shopping . Network sites focused on retail sales of household goods for the home. They regularly carry out promotions in order to attract new customers.

When choosing a product, it is important to consider its cost, performance, aesthetic qualities. Favorable offers can be found at sellers of any type.

How to submit an ad?

Post a proposal can supermarkets for the home and novice sellers. To do this, just register on the site, go to the "Add an announcement" section and fill in the form.

When applying for publication, you should specify:

  • Product name.
  • The category to which the product belongs.
  • Price.
  • Link to video (if available).
  • Contact details.
  • The location of the product.

It is recommended to attach photos to the ad. This will increase the number of views.

Interesting sections

Narmala . com is a diversified resource. There is a place for shopping, sales and full communication. Users have access to a lot of useful and interesting sections:

  • Real estate . Announcements dedicated to the sale of apartments, cottages, garages, industrial premises, warehouses. Buyers are waiting for offers from realtors and owners. Available properties in Russia, CIS, Europe, USA.
  • Work. Jobs from domestic and foreign employers. Employment on profitable terms will be able to engineers, programmers, specialists in the service sector.
  • Consumer electronics . Section for the sale of televisions, smartphones and other equipment. Available standard and exclusive models.

Visitors are encouraged to look at the pages dedicated to personal belongings, transport, dating, hobbies and recreation.