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Cheboksary | Added: 19 September 2017 number: 13191

Address: Cheboksary, пр-кт 9-ой Пятилетки, show the map

    Offer services for cleaning:
    - Simple (maintenance) cleaning;
    - General cleaning;
    - Cleaning after the celebrations and parties
    - Cleaning before the arrival home of the newborn (with the use of an ozonator to disinfect the air).
    - Cleaning after construction and repair;
    - Cleaning after tenants;
    Cleaning Windows, shop Windows, balconies;
    - Cleaning baths from soot and carbon deposits (with the use of an ozonator for disinfection and air purification);
    - Cleaning after fire (with the use of an ozonator for disinfection and air purification).
    -Cleaning up after flooding.
    Housekeeping service is only offered for environmental professional detergent company Amwаy.
    Any area of the city of Cheboksary nchk and Ishlei, Kugesi, Novyye Lapsary.
    Cash and non-cash (transfer).
    Optionally, you can schedule weekly, twice a week, every two weeks, monthly cleaning.
    Private person.
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