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Laying laminate, parquet Board (SP Emelyanov V. P., Cheboksary).

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100 RUB
Address: Cheboksary, г.Чебоксары, ул.Урукова д.5, show the map
The cost of laying laminate flooring - from 100 RUB. (per m2).
1. Price for laying laminate, parquet boards, etc. services, You will be pleasantly surprised (for example: laying laminate flooring from 100 RUB. (per m2); parquet boards from 200 RUB. (per m2)):
a) Laying laminate 100 RUB (perpendicular to M. 2);
b) Laying the laminate from 130 RUB (bricks per m2);
C) Laying the laminate from 150 RUB. (the diagonal in m 2);
d) Laying parquet boards from 200 RUB. (per m2).
2. Other services:
a) the Flooring substrate 20 RUB.
(gluing the joints with tape for the 1st layer m 2);
b) the Dismantling of linoleum, carpet from 30 rubles (for 1 layer m2);
C) the Dismantling of skirting boards from 40 RUB. (for M. p.);
g) Dismantling of laminate flooring, fiberboard, chipboard, threshold from 50 RUB.
(1 layer of M. 2, M. p.);
d) Installation of PVC skirting boards from 50 rubles. (M. p.);
e) Dismantling of floorboard from 80 RUB. (per 1 layer m2);
g) Installation of the wooden plinth from 100 RUB. (for M. p.).
Preliminary calculation of the cost of works on laying laminate, parquet Board and other services in each case (the minimum order is 1000 rubles).
3. Implement the most complicated projects! Professional masters, years of experience with products of different producing countries.
4. The majority of masters proven professionals that know all aspects and nuances.
Equipped with the necessary tool for laying laminate, parquet boards. All works are performed "turnkey". Will deliver to You a minimum of inconvenience, will leave behind clean and tidy. Responsive masters work quickly and accurately.
Laminate and parquet Board is diverse. In this case, You need craftsmen who are carefully, can achieve quality results styling.
All work on laying laminate, parquet boards, etc. services warranty.
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