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Consumer electronics

2 257 RUB
75 BYN
31 July
451 RUB
31 July
MFPs, copiers, and scanners
344 755 RUB
31 July
TV tuners
7 000 RUB
31 July
TVs and projectors
20 761 RUB
31 July
TVs and projectors
20 461 RUB
31 July
TVs and projectors
12 036 RUB
31 July
Desktop computers
7 500 RUB
30 July
Cases and protectors
481 RUB
16 BYN
28 July
602 RUB
20 BYN
28 July
181 RUB
28 July
Amplifiers and receivers
40 000 RUB
23 July
Video, DVD and Blu-ray players
28 000 RUB
23 July
Amplifiers and receivers
752 RUB
23 July
46 263 RUB
22 July
Portable players
21 881 RUB
New York
21 July
Desktop computers
9 000 RUB
17 July
29 370 RUB
Los Angeles
14 July
Amplifiers and receivers
40 000 RUB
10 July
Game consoles
22 028 RUB
Rio de Janeiro
7 July
Video, DVD and Blu-ray players
46 000 RUB
30 June
Numbers and SIM card
45 RUB
45 РУБ
Saint Petersburg
26 June

Online   Narmala . com   presented a wide range of electronics. The range of components for computers, office equipment, consumables. Audio and video products are offered.

Buying equipment on   Narmala . com   - this:

Saving cash . Users can buy a phone or computer at a low price. On sale modern equipment and models of past years.

Safety guarantee . There is no room for fraud on the site. The administration blocks suspicious accounts, responds to user complaints.

Convenience of work . Established search engine helps you find the right product. It is enough to enter the name of the product, its price and specifications.

Consultants   Narmala   Always near. They will answer user questions, talk about the features of the site.

Categories of things

Within the resource, three types of goods are implemented:

New . Household appliances in factory condition. Equipment not used by the owner, is in the package. It is accompanied by a quality passport and warranty card.

Used . Workable products used for its intended purpose. Such products may have traces of operation: scratches, scuffs, chips.

Requiring repair . Phones, laptops or hard drives that have failed. The equipment is quite cheap. It is purchased for restoration or for parts.

Buy a laptop or printer is not difficult. You need to find a suitable ad, contact the seller and negotiate a deal.

Who works at the site?

The sale of goods is carried out by two types of sellers:

Individuals. Users who decide to sell personal items. Such sellers offer products in a single copy, willingly make a discount. You can purchase a system unit or a cell phone from a private person.

Electronics stores . Profile organizations registered on the site. Shops offer equipment from various manufacturers. In assortment of the decision under domestic, western and east brands. The site contains commission shops selling used goods .

The customer can order the delivery of the product or meet the seller in person. Discussing the details of the transaction takes place through an online chat.

To register on the site, simply fill out a simple form or use an account from social networks. Authorized users get full access to the resource .

Variety of goods

Narmala free classifieds website offers to buy a variety of consumer electronics. In assortment:

  • Accessories for consoles and PC . Modules that extend the capabilities of the target device. Presents stationary HDD ( hard disk ) and removable hard drives, computer keyboards, products from the computer series gaming. Visitors can profitably buy adapters, adapters, connecting cables.
  • Mobile devices . Buying mobile phones and tablets will not cause difficulties. The site implements a technique that differs in screen size, type of processor, and amount of RAM. Visitors can buy a phone in Minsk, Moscow and Kiev. In the sale of cell phones from the United States and Canada. To buy a phone, you need to select the right ad and contact the seller.
  • Laptops ( notebook ) . On the playground, you can buy a powerful gaming laptop, a good laptop for work, a children's laptop. On sale docking station for laptops, laptop bags, various accessories. Users will be able to buy a laptop in Moscow, buy a laptop in St. Petersburg, buy a laptop in Smolensk.
  • All for photos . Practical cameras on sale, Nikon, Sony, Lake, S amsung , Panasonic, Polaroid, Samsung, G enius , Olympic . Implemented light filters for cameras and tripods. Presented products for sophisticated professionals and novice photographers.
  • Monitors for computers . Buy a monitor for a computer can a private person and a commercial organization. On sale solutions for office use, monitors for games, products with an extended screen for design. Before you buy a monitor, you should pay attention to: working diagonal, the number of video inputs and their type, dimensions of the product. Of particular importance is the performance of the system unit for which the panel is purchased.
  • Smart watch . "Smart" watches are presented in significant quantities. Sellers implement entry-level technology and high-tech models. Products have classic colors, is issued "under the gold" or "silver." Watches are available for athletes resistant to mechanical stress, temperature changes and high humidity.
  • Computer mice . Choose the optimal mouse quickly and easily. On sale solutions for office laptops, gaming systems , tablet computers. Products have different dimensions, transmit a signal via cable or wireless network.

The catalog of available goods is periodically expanded. New laptops , hard drives, keyboards appear regularly . On the site there are many gadgets that just went on sale.

Laptops. Prices and specifications

How much does a laptop cost? A common question. To find out how expensive you can buy a computer in St. Petersburg and other cities, help regular search. The algorithm will give all the proposals that match the target query. He will provide information about how much is a laptop Apple , LG , Samsung .

Using search results, you can also find out:

  • The price of the product.
  • Specifications.
  • Dock availability Station and other accessories.
  • Device operation parameters

The functional site will help to buy a children's developing laptop, equipment "for parts", certain components.

Electronics from China

Technique from China has gained considerable popularity. It differs in the acceptable price, high operational rates, original design. The range of ready-made devices and components for them.

Users can buy an SSD for a laptop, a computer accelerator, a laptop , memory modules. The selection of products is truly extensive. The goods are delivered to Russia and the CIS countries.

To get information about the components that fit your PC, computer configurators will help you on specialized sites.

What else does the playground offer?

On Narmala . com there is not only electronics. Visitors have access to a lot of useful sections:

  • For business . Products for entrepreneurs at various levels. In the sale of refrigerators, tools for storing and transporting goods, cash registers.
  • Work. Section dedicated to employment and personnel search. It displays the latest offers from Russian and foreign recruiters.
  • For home . Furniture and interior items. Buyers are offered solutions for apartments, country cottages, tourist facilities. In the presence of new and used products.
  • Dating . A section that will help you find new friends or a soul mate.

Registering at Narmala . com , you choose a pleasant and safe shopping!