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Work in the Czech Republic. Legal employment. Salary $ 900 a month consistently.

Bucharest | Added: 1 October 2018 number: 96407
900 USD
Schedule:: Replacement schedule 
Factory car mats and interiors in the vicinity of Plzen
100-115 CZK per hour net, SOC.package insurance – the line operator with free accommodation
110-130 CZK per hour net, SOC.package insurance – line Operators with paid housing
What does the plant produce? Car mats, materials for finishing salons. The most simple work, production lines with three-shift regime of work for 8 hours. Possible overtime (16 hour shifts and work on weekends) up to 250 hours per month. At the factory there is a gradation of employees by categories depending on the quality of the employee and two tariff option, depending on the type of housing.
Required karsiki to the warehouse auto parts. Liberec (90 km from Prague).
115 to 120 CZK per hour net, SOC.package, insurance, free housing – Operators of the line
Warehouse car parts need drivers with cars and lifts, the documents have not required, they will provide our firm or the warehouse itself. Experience welcome, but not mandatory. You all will teach, the main condition – the maximum sense of responsibility and the ability to read Latin letters. Transport to work and FREE housing
Factory tires and tires for tractors . Zlín, Otrokovice (Moravia).
130 CZK per hour net, SOC.package, insurance, free housing – Operators of the line
The plant of automobile and tractor tires requires men 18 to 35 years of age without physical limitations. Work for those who are not afraid of physical effort, handling of materials during the day quite tiring unaccustomed people. 12-hour shifts – 4 days in 4 days in the free days you can take overtime since you learned how to fully do their job.
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