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Briceni | Added: 28 September 2017 number: 14932
400 USD
Schedule:: Full day 
Israeli company providing services remotely to small businesses in accounting, employment, market development, marketing, in connection with the development of new areas, is looking for a copywriter to create high-quality content in Hebrew and Russian. Relevant across the country.
• The ability to read and write in Hebrew;
• The ability to competently and clearly Express thoughts in writing (Hebrew);
• Confident PC user;
• Operating system Windows 7-10;
• Experience as a copywriter two years;
• Experience in creation of SEO-texts (uniqueness of 90% and above);
• Professional qualities: literacy, sense of style, the ability to concisely convey information, creativity, attention to detail;
• Experience in creating natural and unobtrusive advertising to increase the number of clicks, sales and other desired actions.
The benefits of working in our company:
• Working from home;
• Wage$ 2 an hour for a trial period (1 month), 2,5$ per hour from the second month of work;
• Friendly team and democratic, affiliate management style;
• Maximum assistance in adapting to the conditions of work;
• Payment of wages 2 times a month;
• Long-term projects up to three years.
• Writing and selling informational texts in Hebrew and in Russian
• Search information on given topics and rewrite of already finished texts
• Content editing
• Content creation for relevant groups in the social.networks
Programs that must be installed for operation:
• skype for communication with colleagues
• Program automatic time tracking
• VoIP from Zadarma — on computer and phone
• X-lite 3 is a popular program sip telephone for Windows, Mac Os and Linux. To call from a PC using X-lite, your computer must have: sound card
• Zoiper IAX SIP VOIP Softphone — free application on the phone
• Bitrix24 is a app that helps to organize the collective work in the company
• ZenMate — a unique service that provides a convenient VPN extension for browsers (the possibility to work with an Israeli IP address for the Israeli sites)
• Dropbox
For employment call Sunday through Friday from 8:00 to 15:00 (G+2)— Tatiana
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