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Acquisition of land plots

21 September
Sell Продам в Боброве Продам участок в живописном, экологически чистом месте, рядом река Битюг, оборудованный пляж,... Beavers
450 000 RUB
21 September
Sell Продам в Боброве Напротив входа в стадион и учебного комплекса Лидер. Право собственности: Собственник Площадь,... Beavers
800 000 RUB
19 September
Sell Продам в Боброве Вopoнeжcкая oбласть, Бобрoв, Бобpовcкий рaйoн, c. Веpxний Икopeц Cобственник!!! Ценa пo... Beavers
490 000 RUB
16 August
Sell Продам в Боброве Продам участок, рядом асфальт,тихое , спокойное местечко, за домом есть речка,луг. Адрес: ул... Beavers
600 000 RUB
16 August
Sell Продам в Боброве Продается земельный участок 5 соток в центре города, рядом 1-ая школа, новый рынок.По улице... Beavers
700 000 RUB
13 July
Sell Продам в Боброве Чистый земельный участок под строительство п.Лушниковка возле асфальта трасса Бобров Таловая,... Beavers
250 000 RUB
13 July
Sell Продам в Боброве Продается участок,6 соток.Подведено электричество,имеется колодец,установлены душ и туалет из... Beavers
370 000 RUB
5 August
Sell Продам в Боброве Срочно продаётся земельный участок по адресу Бобров Степная 35. Возможен вариант обмена на авто... Beavers
200 000 RUB
6 September
Sell Продам в Боброве Срочно продам земельный участок улица Степная35, возможно варианты обмена на автомобиль или под... Beavers
200 000 RUB
4 August
Sell Продам в Боброве Прoдaeтcя участoк в черте гоpодa ул.Кoтoвcкoгo 11. Пo улице нoвый acфaльт,пo кpасной линии... Beavers
615 000 RUB
4 September
Sell Продам в Боброве Продам участок- в посёлке Ясенки по ул. Северцева 32.Идеально ровный , размежеванный.чернозем... Beavers
150 000 RUB
4 July
490 000 RUB
1 August
Sell Продам в Боброве Продаются 2 смежных участка под постройку дома. Бобров, 2й переулок Мира, д.34 д.36 Участки... Beavers
800 000 RUB
2 May
Sell shipping from the city ofMoscow
700 000 RUB

With the help of Narmala.com, you can profitably sell or buy a site. The site presents hundreds of offers from Russia, CIS, England, Germany. In selling plots for IZhS, land for commercial and industrial activities.
The cost of a land plot depends on the following factors:
• Location. Objects located in elite areas have a high price tag. Such land is acquired as a springboard for construction or investment.
• Relief. Smooth plots are in great demand. They are easier to equip and process. Within the framework of such objects, residential buildings are erected, gardens are broken up, artificial reservoirs are organized.
Area. The larger the area, the more expensive it is. On the site are small objects and plots of several hectares.
Sale of land is carried out by individuals, commercial organizations and real estate agencies.
How is it profitable to purchase a site?
Buy a plot of land at an attractive price will help the functional area. You will get information about profitable offers, you can filter ads according to the requirements.
Proposals marked "Urgent sale" are worthy of special attention. They allow you to purchase an object with a significant discount.
Sale of land
Want to quickly sell a plot of land? Take advantage of additional site options. They will help:
• Secure the announcement of the sale of the site at the top of the site.
• Select your offer against the background of the others.
• Raise the ad in search results.
• Order a premium selection.
Properly issuing an announcement, you will quickly sell or lease a plot of land.
How to start using the site?
Need to buy a plot for IZHS or sell existing property? No problems! Complete a simple registration and get access to the full functionality of the site.

Cooperation with Narmala.com is quick sales, profitable shopping and a lot of positive emotions.