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Unique Household appliance for air purification, fruits and vegetables (Ozonator)
• Maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables
• Purification from pesticides and germs
• Sterilization and cleaning of the nursery and dining utensils, towels
• Disinfection of premises and the destruction of unpleasant odours, including in the refrigerator
• Removal of toxic substances from the meat, fish and seafood
• Water disinfection, sterilization of aquariums, oxygen saturation
Ozone effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, worms. The ozone affects stronger UV rays 5-6 times stronger than chlorine, and at 2000 to 3000 times.
The scope of application of ozone in the home
- Disinfection of water, air, clothing, crockery (including children's) products.
- Deodorization - elimination of unpleasant smells of burning, tobacco smoke, paints, varnish, drugs, spoiled food, from animals.
- Purification and ozonation of the air. The air is saturated with oxygen and has a pleasant smell.
- Clean the meat from hormones and antibiotics, vegetables and fruits from pesticides and other harmful substances.
- For bleaching whites and maintain the brightness of color.
- Manufacture of mineral water. On ozonated water is useful for cooking, tea, coffee.
- Getting rid of acne and eliminate dandruff.
- Treatment of upper respiratory tract ulcers and inflammation.
- Cleaning of the aquariums and swimming pools.
- Elimination of fungal diseases of feet.
- Improvement of the skin and cleansing of toxins with ozone baths.
Such properties Ozone is widely used in home, medicine, cosmetics and in industries.
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