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Activator Of Artemia Cysts

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Our company is engaged in the production of the drug "cooks". New
the name of the drug "prana". Powder cream color, with a share of the active
substances about 60-65%.
for the production of living, the starting of the feed for feeding larvae and fry
valuable and ornamental fish species, prawns with industrial methods
reproduction is traditionally used nauplii hatched from eggs of crustaceans
artemia Salina. The eggs of crustaceans, collected in salt ponds, even after deletion
empty shells usually give a very low percentage of hatching (up
25% -30%). For many years the issue of increasing the percentage of hatching
is relevant. Also relevant is the problem of storage and transportation
Artemia cysts with the possibility of their subsequent activation in areas of use
product as feed.
to increase % hatching cysts of the crustacean Artemia after drying, trigger introduction
activator (compounds containing active oxygen), which includes the mechanism
redox reactions leading to the splitting of trehalose and
the synthesis of glycerol and glycogen. After hatching reaches 80-85%.
substance – carrier of atomic oxygen is a drug (solid
the source of oxygen) "Kooks".
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