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Balcony electrothermical cellar for vegetables

Barnaul | Added: 12 September 2018 number: 93856
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Home cellar 160 liters for the storage of crops. With the onset of winter before many arises the pressing question - where to store the harvested produce and vegetable purchases made on the winter - sacks of potatoes, carrots and beets? Offer you to solve this issue once and for all purchase a special oven, for if you from year to year gorodnichaya in the country, the losses from storage of crops eventually will exceed the amount that you invest in is a quality industrial product for the modern civilized gardeners! The pros are obvious - home cellar can pay for itself in a few seasons, but all products (even in extreme cold) retains 100% plus forever frees you from the headaches (see above). The oven can be put on the balcony (loggia),at the cottage,in the garage. It does not require monitoring, has a thermostat with indicator light. Installed in the container jars, put the vegetables, then include simple Pogrebok in the network, and all winter at Your table fresh food. Now You are not afraid of frost - on the inside of the oven is automatically maintained positive temperatures 4 to 7 degrees. A unique invention by the fact that the inside of the container is heated with a constant circulation of air, eliminating condensation and, therefore, prevents rotting and spoilage. And another important fact – the power consumption of the Cellar in the heating mode only 220 watts. And due to the good thermal insulation and thermostat works even during a hard frost it will not overload the family budget. The product is patented and has a certificate of conformity to GOSTs, sanitary and fire regulations. The fan is mounted under the grille
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