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Sell polycarbonate

shipping from the city ofAtyrau | Added: 6 June 2017 number: 1062

Address: Atyrau, Воровского 40, show the map

    This material is produced by extrusion and apply the high-quality polycarbonate raw materials, corresponding to all the necessary European standards. You can talk about the excellent resistance of polycarbonate to ultraviolet rays, the presence of excellent insulation characteristics, high light transmission and high impact resistance. In addition, our polycarbonate has exceptional insulating characteristics.
    Quite wide is the use of cell carbonate is in the construction and architectural field, if you want good insulation, the maximum strength and resistance to various loads. If from this material to produce panel, they are hollow and connected by longitudinal ribs. Thanks to the ductility and strength provided by the formation of a sheet extrusion method, and these sheets are sufficiently thin walls, the excellent impact resistant properties and light weight. Of the breadth of possible applications of the material it is possible to speak long and much. It is not only the construction and maintenance industry, but also advertising. In the agricultural building is, first of all, private greenhouses.
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