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Incubator Optima 3000 eggs

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Farm incubator Optima 3000 eggs.
Plant Volgacemmash offers to your attention a brand new incubator model, which has no analogues in Russia. Incubator Optima designed by German technology and is equipped with German automatic. All automatics incubator based Android platform and equipped with artificial intelligence. In the automatic incubator Optima already incorporated all modes of incubation for each individual poultry. All You need is for the laying of the eggs to indicate which bird you plan to incubate, everything else will take care of your incubator. The incubator model has a touch screen display which responds to the tap of your finger. For the experienced growers there is the option "My Profile" where you can first and last day, to specify the parameters of incubation lay eggs. You can also specify the days when is supposed to start airing eggs, frequency, and duration. In the incubator Optima has built-in SMS alert that you will always be kept informed of the process of incubation. In any emergency situation, for example over water or a blown fuse or disconnected the electric power, you phone will receive an SMS with a detailed description of the reason. SMS module operates independently, regardless of whether there is voltage or not. The incubator consists of two independent and Autonomous working cameras. The capacity of each camera 1500 eggs. For example, in the camera you can lay eggs of different birds use different modes of incubation. The trays of the incubator Optima universal. This means that in these trays, how to incubate, and bring the bird. They were originally designed and they can lay any eggs any home and poultry without the extra bars. The body of the incubator is made of sandwich panels which do not emit toxic substances during incubation. The system of rotation of the eggs and trays through the stage of galvanizing, which allows to avoid corrosion. In this incubator there is no dead zone, so air exchange occurs evenly throughout the incubator. The accuracy of the temperature sensor 100%. The average hatchability in the hatchery Optima 98% provided high-quality eggs, and 92% of waterfowl. Thanks to German technology the power consumption is extremely small. This incubator has established itself in Europe and Russia as a very reliable machine with great output birds. More details can be found on the website of the plant Volgacemmash
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