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Astana | Added: 21 August 2017 number: 8790
50 000 KZT
Address: Astana, район "Сарыарка", ул. Бейбитшилик, д. 25, 3 этаж, офис 313 Б (ДЦ Оркен), show the map
The company will provide services to legal entities and individuals in the following areas:
• Free legal advice on various matters of civil nature;
• Conducting pre-trial (claim) dispute settlement with the Counterparty, drafting of claim letters, drafting, drafting agreements;
• Preparation of claims, responses, appeals, cassation appeals, Supervisory complaints and other legal documents in civil disputes;
• Representation of Client's interests in all courts of Astana city:
- debt collection and compensation for damage (loss);
- questions in the field of inheritance law;
- issues in the field of real estate (housing, land disputes);
- appeals against actions (omissions) of state bodies;
- the seizure of movable and immovable property and Bank accounts of the debtor.
• Ensuring execution of court decisions.
Design services technical project, foreskine, the outline of the project (receiving APZ and TU).
Legalization of redevelopment and renovation of the property.
Support documentation for the COMMISSIONING of the property.
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