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At the site   Narmala   there is everything you need for outdoor recreation. Buyers have access to goods for tourist travel, hunting and fishing. In assortment of the boat PVC, tents, hammocks, backpacks.

Connoisseurs of fishing and hunting can purchase:

New Products . Not exploited things. Products are sold in packaging, accompanied by a complete set of documents.  

Used equipment . Products used by the owner. They may have certain defects, such as scuffs, chips or scratches. Such disadvantages do not affect performance, however, allow you to get a discount.

Lovers of active recreation can buy spinning, equipment for underwater hunting,    travel accessories.

Who is trading on the site?

Buy fishing rods, products for wild hunting ( wild hunt ) and other products offer:

Individuals. Users selling their inventory. With such sellers it is easy to bargain. With proper luck, you can reduce the price by 30 or even 50%.

Commercial organizations . The site contains hunting and fishing stores. They offer a wide range of products. The client can order standard and non-standard equipment.

A regular search will help you buy a coil for a spinning, paddle or a brazier. The user simply enter the name of the product and its estimated price.

Offer for sellers

registration on the site   Narmala   - a great way to increase sales. Implementers receive the following benefits:

A wide audience . Users from more than 200 countries are registered on the site. This allows you to expand the market, increase profits.

Convenient promotion . To make the offer more noticeable help additional options. They allow you to select an ad, bring it to the first place in the search, report on the "hot sale."

Simple work with the platform . Advertisements will not cause difficulties. The seller is required to place a photo, add a description and mark the price. After passing moderation offer appears on the site.

Placed on the site ads perfectly indexed, fall into the search results Yandex and Google. This increases the influx of buyers and the final profit.

To gain access to the site is required to register. The procedure takes a couple of minutes.

Product range

As part of the resource is implemented a lot of specialized products:

  • Rods . Visitors can buy rods of various configurations. In the range of solutions for recreation and sport fishing. Presented products for beginners.
  • Spinning . Sellers implement new and second-hand spinning. Products differ in configuration, functionality, strength characteristics. You can buy a reel for spinning, as well as a complete device.
  • PVC Boats . On the site are boats. In the presence of fishing boats for one and two people, solutions with oars and a motor.
  • Coils . Reels for fishing rods and spinning are available. Inertial and inertia-free models are implemented.
  • Clothing. D can select from a wild outfit for hunting and fishing. Always on sale boots, overalls, jackets, hats. Products are resistant to external influences, retains functionality throughout the entire service life.

The product range is updated periodically. Favorable offers are published by private individuals, as well as shops dedicated to fishing and hunting.

How to pick up equipment?

Select the equipment and the tool will help the search algorithm. He will recommend proposals that meet the requirements of the buyer, will issue ads from the target countries and regions.

To effectively use the search you need:

  • Select the category to which the product belongs. In our case, this is "Hunting and fishing."
  • Specify the price at which you are ready to purchase products. You can set a specific value or a specific range.
  • Check the box "with photo" if you want to display sentences with images.

In the selection of equipment will help search line. In it you can set the product model or its name.

Product inspection

Before buying is to carefully examine the product. The following nuances are of paramount importance:

  • Performance. There should be no difficulty in operating the equipment. The presence of faults is a reason to ask for a discount or refuse to buy.
  • Appearance . It is not desirable that deformations, chips and cracks be present on the surface of the product. They will reduce the aesthetic quality of the product, reduce its service life.
  • The degree of wear . It is not recommended to purchase items after long and intensive use. Chances are that they will quickly fail.
  • Availability of documents . It is desirable that the product is completed with a passport and warranty card.

Attentive inspection will prevent the purchase of low-quality goods, save money and nerves.

If you need to sell equipment

Sale of equipment for spear fishing and fishing will not cause difficulties. Implementer need to create an ad and send it to check. After a short moderation, the proposal will appear on the site.

Tips to help you find a buyer faster:

  1. Use graphic materials . Ads with photos attract buyers. They give a complete picture of the product, demonstrate its advantages and disadvantages. Along with the images, you can post a link to the video. Such content will not be superfluous.
  2. Make a discount . A small price reduction will have a positive effect on the number of views. Examine the other sellers ads and offer more favorable terms.
  3. Get interested in bonuses . Together with the equipment you can give accessories and uniforms. Such a proposal will attract amateurs and professionals.

Additional options also speed up the sale. With their help, you can select an ad, raise it in the search results or pin it to the top of the site. The most profitable to buy a package of services. This will get a discount of 45%.

When forming the ad is worth indicating the possibility of delivery. Products are shipped at the expense of the buyer or seller. In the second case, a commensurate increase in price is possible .

Communication between the participants of the site

The buyer and seller are contacted by:

  • Staff chat.
  • Phone
  • Social networks.
  • Any messenger presented on the Internet.

It allowed the publication of Ref app on resources containing detailed information about the product.

Other sections

On Narmala . com can not only buy spinning. Here are the mass of thematic pages that allow you to purchase:

  • Books and magazines . Buyers available s Any printed product e s. In the sale of rare editions and publications, issued a wide circulation.
  • Sports and recreation . Products for people leading an active lifestyle. The section contains sports equipment, profile shoes and clothing.
  • Collecting. All for creating original collections. Sellers offer stamps, corks, postcards and more.
  • Musical instruments . Attention buyers represented guitars, drums, piano. In the range of classic and electric tools.

Traveling through the sections of Narmala , you can buy practical, reliable and affordable things. We will be glad to see you among the visitors of our site.