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On the site Narmala presented a lot of printed products . In the range of solutions for engineers, teachers, fans of fiction. Products are sold in English, Russian, German and Italian. Always on sale Japanese and Chinese literature.

Buyers are available:

  • Classic works . Creations of world-famous writers. Available model and collection editions. The proposals will be interesting to lovers of literature, as well as experienced philologists. Many lots are not found in bookstores.
  • Magazines . Entertaining and scientific editions of various years of release. In the sale of magazines for design, needlework, gardening. Offering th tsya s comics and crossword s.
  • Technical documentation . Domestic and foreign regulations. Products will be useful for specialized professionals. It will help in solving technical problems at the international level.
  • Textbooks . Literature for educational institutions. Solutions for schools, institutes, technical schools are presented. In the presence of manuals and other supporting materials.
  • Newspapers . Domestic and foreign press. Newspapers are purchased by collectors and philistines. They may contain useful information, links to important news and events.
  • Brochures . Printed products distributed in museums, theaters and other cultural institutions. Brochures are collectible. For especially rare exhibits you can help out a good amount.

The range of books is periodically expanded. There are new works and classic, rare editions.

Who sells products?

The sale of books is performed by three types of sellers:

  • Individuals. Implementers offering personal items. They can buy a rare publication, classic literature, various magazines and newspapers. Sellers willingly bargain, can offer additional products as a bonus.
  • Book stores . Many outlets have a representative office at Narmala . They offer a lot of useful and practical solutions. Paid goods can be picked up in a bookstore near the house or order its delivery.
  • Online shopping . Organizations that do not have a retail network. They are focused on online sales, offer favorable conditions for cooperation.

The choice of the seller remains with the buyer. Find quality goods can be from sellers of any type.

What to look for when buying printed materials?

The selection of magazines and books should be approached thoroughly. This will eliminate temporary and financial losses, will allow you to find the optimal solution.

Of primary importance is:

  • State of production . Before buying is to evaluate the wear of the literature. It is desirable that the binding was intact, there were no jammed and torn pages. If you find such defects, you can refuse to purchase, or you can ask for a discount.It all depends on the value of a particular instance for the buyer.
  • Meaningfulness . When dealing with technical literature, practicality is of particular importance. The material should be useful and concise. It is not recommended to buy okolonauchnom edition - they may contain unverified data.
  • Party number, circulation . Information relevant to the collectors. On their basis is determined by the value of the instance and, as well as demand s products among connoisseurs.

Attentive preliminary inspection is a prerequisite for the purchase of high-quality literature.

Why buy at Narmala profitable?

Purchasing goods at Narmala . com gives many advantages:

  • Huge assortment . The site contains Petersburg and Moscow bookstores. In the presence of offers from overseas sellers.
  • Favorable prices . Retailers regularly shares. This allows you to buy a book or magazine with a substantial discount.
  • Convenient buying and selling . Users can communicate by phone, through the online form, with the help and regular chat. Use of social networks is allowed.
  • Security. Compliance with the rules of the site should vigilant administrators. They remove fraudulent ads, take complaints from buyers and sellers.

The audience of the resource is increasing every day. On the site there are new users from Russia, CIS, EU countries.

How to work with a regular search?

The search algorithm Narmala is simple and functional. He Pomo Gaeta to choose products that meet the requirements of her visitor. For best results, we recommend:

  • Specify the type of product . The user has several categories: "Magazines, newspapers, brochures", "Books", "Educational literature". If it is impossible to make a choice, it is recommended to activate the “All” item.
  • Set the price . The cost of printed products is prescribed in the range "from-to". In the absence of specific values, the search will produce all available results.
  • Enter search query. Book name can be entered in the search th rows have. This will narrow the search range, will achieve the best results.

When generating the issue, ads from bookstores, private sellers and online distributors are displayed.

Sale of personal items

On the site you can sell your own books or magazines. This will require:

  1. Get registered . Creating an authorized account takes 2-3 minutes. It is enough to use e-mail and an account in social networks. Registered users get full access to the site functionality.
  2. Create an ad . When making a proposal, the seller describes the product, attaches its photos. The presence of graphic materials is highly desirable. They will increase the number of views, give a full impression of the product.
  3. Get tested . Each ad is viewed by moderators. This applies to bookstores and individuals. If you find errors, inaccuracies or violation, the proposal is sent for revision.
  4. Publication . Approved announcement appears on the site. It is displayed in the top lines of the search. When publishing new offers, the announcement is omitted.

Additional options will help to increase the number of views and speed up the sale. They allow you to select the proposal, raise it in the issuance, to fix at the top of the site.

The cost of the options is low, they are available to all users of the site. Payment is made in any convenient way.

Narmala . con is a dynamic resource. Here, there are solutions for those who appreciate art and seasoned op's how practitioners.

T: Books and magazines on Narmala . com . Suggestions from bookstores.

D: Printed products from bookstores and private individuals. In assortment magazines, books, newspapers. Brochures and rare prints are presented.