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Sell wireless GSM alarm system for villas/houses/office/warehouse

Alma-ATA | Added: 14 May 2018 number: 38098
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Sell Wireless GSM alarm system for villas/houses/office/warehouse. We present to your attention a wireless GSM alarm for your home/office/garage/garden or warehouse. The principle of operation of wireless GSM alarm simple. If triggered one of the sensors (motion sensor, door sensor/window sensor or smoke, etc.), then immediately turns on the loud alarm, the system starts dialing and sending SMS notifications on a pre-programmed phone numbers and alert you to the incident. The system allows you to program and store up to 6 phone numbers to dial and 3 SMS notifications. GSM alarm system support 4 wired and 6 wireless protection zones of protection. To listen what is happening in the room during an alarm situation, the device has a built-in speaker and microphone which can be turned on remotely on your smartphone via special teams. Wireless GSM alarm system is able to notify of the alarm by pressing the alarm button (not included) or by clicking the button with the bell icon on the remote control (remote control). It is also possible to record a ten second message that will play when alarm is triggered. To record a voice message, the user must press the “set” button (programming button alarm) and hold it for 3 seconds, then utter a voice message above the panel, the system will record 10 seconds, and then automatic turn off the recording. Next, the user must press again the “set” button to exit the recording mode. One of the advantages of this device is the lack of need to connect the GSM alarm system to a fixed telephone network. The alarm unit is inserted into a GSM SIM card and the dialer is via a mobile operator. Configuration and system programming is done remotely via the smartphone. In order to make the system call number, the user will need to send an SMS message to the SIM card number installed in the main unit, 888851ваш room#. In this case, “8888” is the password of the system (for programming), “51” command for the first dial (“52” for the second, etc). In case of emergency, the system automatically dials pre-programmed numbers in order. After the user pick up the phone, he will hear a voice message about alarm and not putting up the user can give the following commands to the system on the smartphone: to remove or to install the system on protection, on/off microphone for listening to on/off the siren, insert a pre-recorded ten second message on/off speaker, to stop the alarm.
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