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PIR Infrared detector/ motion sensor for wireless alarm intrude

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Sell PIR Infrared detector/ motion sensor for wireless alarm systems, Id433gsm. We offer you to buy wireless infrared motion sensor for burglar alarm system. This infrared sensor is one of the most common devices, it is simple to install and configure without any special knowledge. An infrared detector is used to increase the level of security, and can be used in country houses, cottages, offices, garages etc. One of the advantages of the infrared detector is the mobility, the sensor can be moved from one room to another without running additional wires. Sensors are indispensable in places where there is no electricity or cabling is invalid for some reason. All wireless detectors are addressable-digital, so you can convey more information about your condition. Wireless motion sensor alarm is active and passive. The type of radiation they are divided into: infrared wireless motion sensor, and a radio-wave wireless motion sensor. In the infrared sensor transmitter periodically sends infrared beam to the receiver. At interruption of the beam by any object into the control panel via radio transmitted alarm. In radio wave sensors instead of the Infrared radiation applied electromagnetic waves in the centimeter range. Typically used for perimeter security. Range up to 200 m in open space. Wireless infrared motion sensors active type emit one or more infrared rays, and the receiver picks them. The motion sensor refers to a sensor of passive type, and in contrast to the active, it does not emit anything, which hampers its detection.
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