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Sell pen-transformer / tripod / tripod for action camera GoPro

Alma-ATA | Added: 12 March 2018 number: 32427
4 990 KZT
Sell pen-transformer / tripod / tripod for action cameras GoPro, Sjcam, Xiaomi and for action cameras from other brands, ID1400M. We present to your attention a comfortable handle-transformer action cameras, adjustable vertical mounting platform. This pen-transformer easily converts into a small tripod/tripod for action cameras, and for what it called a transformer. This design allows you to shoot photos or videos in the desired position as a full-fledged tripod. Tripod compatible with action cameras GoPro, Sjcam, Xiaomi etc. as well as with ordinary cameras or video cameras weighing up to 2 kg. In view of the shape of a pen-transformer folded, it resembles a “gun”. The tripod is made of solid ABS plastic, painted black, in the form of a wavy design for a comfortable grip hand. The mounting platform of the tripod is made of skid-proof rubber and equipped with an adjustable screw for mounting action cameras. This pen-transformer will help to prevent blurring of the shot and reducing the quality of the pictures. Also a tripod will help to ensure maximum immobility of the camera and its smooth movement. The tripod is compact, it enables to carry it in a bag, female handbag, and so on. Note that this device is quite mobile and useful on all occasions, where ever you are.
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