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Advertising on the website

Advertising Narmala one of the rare and effective
options promote Your goods or services.

Great coverage and the activity of users and visitors,
to search for products and services
provide an opportunity to convey Your advertising company
to buyers and sellers of your segment.
The format of the Media advertising
A huge amount of users and visitors to the site Narmala
daily interested, buy and sell goods and services,
it makes Media is a great way to Express
about your products or services.
Surely the advertising company is getting good response from the users.
A range of options for segmentation by category
and placements of Banner ads,
allow you to implement any types of Media campaigns.

Available placement of Media advertising and the mobile version of the website.


On the main


Реклама на главной

In the ad list

В списке объявлений

In the ad

В объявлении

The list of Stores

В магазинах

The cost of placing Media advertising

In the formation of the cost consists of a number of criteria:
- Country, Region, City
- The volume of impressions or period
- Place a banner
- there are also other criteria.
Check out the Price list by requesting it at the Department for work with advertising.
Media placement of advertisements from State bodies and agencies as well as volunteer,
charitable and similar companies, for free.
If the existing such opportunity the site Narmala.
For a more detailed calculation and setup your Media company
please contact the advertising Department of the website Narmala to e-mail