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The Narmala site features a variety of bicycles and scooters. The range of solutions for children, adolescents and adults. Products vary in size, style, performance.
What can I buy?
Buyers are available:
Children's bicycles. Solutions for the youngest. Three- and two-wheel models are offered. The product has a bright design, stylized for movies or animated series.
• Bicycles for adults. Full-featured vehicles. Solutions for leisurely city trips and travel on dirt roads are presented. Buyers are available female and male models.
• Children's scooters. A small but practical technique. Children's scooters can be equipped with three wheels. This provides additional stability, makes travel the safest.
• Scooters for adults. Reliable models withstand a significant load. Scooters are easy to maintain, resistant to corrosion damage.
• Stunt scooters. Device for performing complex acrobatic actions. Buy a tricky scooter of the desired configuration can be beginners and professionals.
• Electric scooter. Progressive technology, oriented urban use. You can buy an electric car at an attractive price.
The range of products is periodically expanded. Regularly there are new, unique proposals.
How to make a purchase?
Buy a bike or scooter is not difficult. It is enough to perform a number of simple actions:
• Enter the name of the product of interest in the search box.
• Specify additional options (for example, the presence of a photo).
• Set the price range.
• Click the "Find" button.
The system displays all the ads that match the query.
Guarantees for customers
The site administration is responsible for safety issues. Users can count on:
• Qualitative ad verification. Each proposal is moderated. The search displays ads that match the resource policy.

• Timely processing of incoming complaints. Moderators are attentive to the comments of users. Accounts of dishonest vendors are blocked. 

• Professional consultations. Did you have any questions while working with the site? Consultants facilitate their prompt decision. They will help with the selection of products, will tell you about the features of registration.
Through Narmala.com you can buy quality products at an affordable price. Complete a simple registration and get full access to the functionality of the site.