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In the framework of Narmala . com presents a variety of products for collectors. s eligible Numismatists and philatelists, connoisseurs of postcards and toys will find solutions .

Previous Laga and Cereal once the Lich schiesya condition, characteristics and cost. Available serial products and rare, single copies.

In stock products for the following hobbies:

  • Collecting wrappers from candies . Presents sets dedicated to domestic and foreign products. In the range of collections and single lots .
  • Collecting badges . Buyers are available products of various sizes and shapes. Icons with symbols of states, thematic solutions, children's products are offered . Products are made of metal and plastic.
  • Collecting paper money . The site has a lot of ads for the sale of bills. In the sale of payment instruments of the XX and XIX century. There are limited edition banknotes.
  • Collecting beer caps . Traffic jams are in special demand with foreign collectors. They are widely represented on the site, differ in condition, design and dimensions . Always on sale covers from domestic drinks.
  • Collecting cards . Buying postcards will not cause difficulties. The abundance of proposals will allow you to quickly find the right copy.
  • Collecting coins . Numismatic shops are presented especially widely. They carry sale old coins of silver, and the sale of gold coins. At the site there is a foreign and Russian numismatist.

List of products sold is growing steadily. Regularly there are new candy wrappers, banknotes, antique jewelry.

Want to sell your existing antiques?

Do you have collectibles and want to sell them? Nothing is easier! Sign up at the Narmala site and follow a few steps:

  1. Take a picture of the available products . For the successful sale of goods is recommended to prepare several images. When creating a photo, it is important to use a high-quality camera.
  2. Prepare a description . Text accompaniment is important for both gold watches and an old postcard. Describe the features of the thing, if you wish, tell its story. This will improve the location of the buyer, motivates to make a call or write a message.
  3. Fill out an ad card . When forming the offer, the price is indicated, the text and the prepared photos are placed. The finished ad is sent for review.

At the end of moderation, an ad will appear in the search results. In case of detection of errors and violations, it is returned for revision.

Registration is a prerequisite for submitting an advertisement. Percent edura takes 1-2 minutes. For its passage, you must have an email account or social networks.

Favorable purchase of the item in the collection

When buying coffee sets, rare coins and cards it is recommended to use the search. The algorithm will select the appropriate lots, taking into account:

  • Prices . The cost of production is set in a special window. You can specify a specific price or a specific range. To see all available offers, leave the field blank.
  • Titles . The search string is used to enter the product name. An indication of a single product or an entire collection is allowed.
  • Type of product . Affiliation of a product to a particular category is selected in a special window. To find the desired section can any collector.

The search algorithm is easy to use. It is characterized by efficiency and high speed.

Sellers represented on the site

The site is registered's Russian-style e and foreign e s implementer. They can be divided into three categories:

  • Professional collectors . Experienced users specializing in the purchase and sale of goods. Someone buys products for their own needs, someone for resale.
  • Newbies and simple buyers . Sellers who do not have the proper knowledge in collecting. They can sell heirlooms, antiques, inherited interior items. Among these ads is always something valuable.
  • Profile shops . Retail outlets, focused on trading collectible item E s. The site has large and small shops. They offer a wide range of products and reasonable prices.

The goods are delivered at the expense of the buyer or seller. It all depends on the agreement of the parties.

User Benefits

Work with Narmala . com profitable and convenient. Visitors can count on:

  • A huge range of products . Buy the product for the soul will be able to have pleasure to th collector. On sale solutions in various price segments. Presented exclusive products and typical products .
  • Protect buyers and sellers . Order on the site support experienced moderators. They monitor compliance with the rules of the resource, suppress fraudulent actions.
  • Comprehensive advice . Narmala employees will answer all user questions. They will tell you how to post an ad, give recommendations on how to prepare a narrative and graphic part.
  • Convenient communication . Buyers and sellers are talking via online chat or phone. Communication is available through social networks.
  • Many support options . Additional services will help to quickly sell goods. With their help, it will be possible to fix the ad at the top of the site, select it or promote it in the search.

The resource is actively developing. New offers, sections and options appear regularly.

What else does Narmala offer ?

At the site there are dozens of sections. Some are dedicated to real estate objects, the other - at the household b Oram. The most popular headings are:

  • Offer of services . Ads from home craftsmen and specialized companies. Visitors to the section can enlist the support of drivers, porters, bricklayers, tilers. Presented ads from programmers, accountants, tutors.
  • Selling personal items . Section about furniture and household appliances. There are chairs and beds, televisions and stereos. Users have access to thousands of themed ads.
  • For business . Sale of equipment for offices, warehouses and shops. Refrigerators, loaders, racks and more are offered.
  • Dating . Category Search for a pleasant companions and loyal friends.

The site contains pages of s s, e dedicated to pet, recreation, vehicles.

Register and get full access to the site functionality. You can do it right now!

T: Collectibles: antiques, coins, stamps.

D: Buying and selling collectible products. Available solutions I Coin & Stamp. Beer corks, cards, clocks, sets are presented.