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Portable hard drives
22 922 RUB
3 April

Narmala free classified ads website will help you buy computer accessories and assembly equipment. In the sale of solutions from private sellers, online stores, design organizations. Products differ in performance, degree of wear, the specifics of connection and operation.

Order suitable products will be able to:

  • Ordinary users . Visitors can buy laptop SSD , memory modules, expansion cards. On the site there are details for modern technology and outdated devices.
  • Repair shops . Announcements on the sale of spare parts and auxiliary tools are published. Specialists are available matrices, thermal pads , screwdriver sets, and more. You can purchase monitors for a computer or system units that require repair.
  • Commercial firms . Narmala will help solve the problems associated with equipping jobs. Here you can buy laptops for the office, warehouse, manufacturing enterprises. On sale engineering solutions to perform complex calculations.

On the playground, you can buy a powerful gaming laptop. This machine is optimized for modern entertainment projects. It allows you to run "demanding" applications, work in graphic and video editors .

What products are available for purchase?

In the section "For computer" are presented:

  • Monitors . Buy a monitor for the computer will succeed in any budget. Sellers offer solutions with different diagonal, liquid crystal and CRT monitors. Many products are sold with brackets and adapter adapters.
  • Keyboard . On sale "working" and "gaming" keyboard. The first have a simple design, affordable price and a limited set of functions. "Game" solutions are more practical. They are equipped with a mass of additional keys and stylized lights, equipped with accessory accessories.
  • USB modems . Modules that provide wireless internet access. It is possible to purchase universal solutions or devices oriented to a specific operator. Products differ in size, functionality, the presence of connectors for external antennas and the possibility of firmware.
  • Completing . All that is necessary for the full operation of the computer. This category includes hard drives, motherboards, video cards, power supplies. Buyers can purchase water and air cooling system, built-in card readers .
  • TV - tuners. Equipment to capture a TV signal. Using the tuner will allow you to view channels in analog format, to digitize the "tape" videotapes. The equipment is indispensable for professionals who mount and restore video materials.
  • Drives . Memory cards and flash drives. Products are used to transfer information, empower mobile devices, DVRs and cameras. Drives contain a variety of information, classified by recording speed and form factor.

On sale regularly appear new items. Customers can order multi-core processors, high-capacity hard drives, advanced solutions for server stations.

If you need a laptop?

Complete laptops are available to users, prices and product specifications depend on the model. Find out how much a laptop is worth, help search Narmala . He will provide information about the products sold, inform about the lucrative offers.

The following equipment is being implemented at the site:

  • Children's laptops . Children's developing laptop you can buy cheap. This technique does not have high power, designed for training and entertainment. Laptops have a durable plastic case, resistant to shock.
  • Office notebooks . Entry-level computers that perform everyday tasks. Machines are optimal for work in text editors, browsing web pages, launching basic applications. These are good laptops for work and leisure.
  • Multimedia laptops . Universal products of the middle price segment. They can run modern games, watch movies, work in various programs.
  • Engineering laptops . Productive machines with a powerful processor. The equipment is intended for designing, performing complex mathematical calculations.

To solve important problems it is recommended to use laptops Samsung, Asus , Dell. These are well-known brands that have proven their reliability in practice.

As a mandatory purchase worth considering a bag for a laptop. It will protect equipment from mechanical damage, will allow to transport additional products. Most bags are equipped with a rigid frame. At their production fabric, skin or a leather substitute is used.

By means of Narmala . com you can buy a laptop in Moscow or buy a laptop in St. Petersburg. The resource will help you know how much an Apple laptop and analogs from other companies cost .

How to choose the right components for the PC?

For correct selection of parts, it is recommended to use computer configurators located on specialized sites. They will help you choose the right socket, type of RAM, the optimal video card.

As a rule, programs are free, available for general use.

Five reasons to make a purchase

Making a deal on Narmala . com , you opt for:

  • A huge range . Buy the right product will be able to most demanding customers. On the site there are truly rare things that are not available in your area.
  • Wide sales geography . Users will be able to buy a computer in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities. The buyer picks up the goods at a meeting with the seller or orders his delivery. In the second case, mail services or transport companies are used.
  • A qualified approach . Any questions? Ask them to consultants. They will tell about the features of the site, help with registration. You can contact the experts by phone, e-mail or regular chat.
  • Fair prices . The site does not take a commission for the transaction. The transfer of funds takes place between the buyer and the seller.

The site contains electronics from China. The technique is practical and affordable, has wide functionality and excellent performance characteristics.

Additional sections that will be helpful

The site Narmala is not only appliances and components. Visitors waiting for the mass of useful and interesting pages:

  • Animals. Buy a cat or a dog is not difficult. Also in the sale of fish, turtles, birds and other pets.
  • Lost / Found . The section dedicated to losses and discoveries. Here are announcements related to the loss of documents, keys, various property.
  • Transportation . Pages with ads for the sale of cars, water and air transport.

The site is developing intensively. Visitors are regularly offered new features. We will be glad to see you among registered users!