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Sold New wheel loader Xcmg Zl50fv

Abakan | Added: 20 July 2018 number: 87346
  • Year:: 2018 
Always in stock more than 20 units front-end loaders, dump trucks, tractors, concrete mixers.
Real warranty for all equipment, service center of the European level, the field staff, service technicians throughout the territory of Siberia.
All equipment prior to shipment to the customer is mandatory pre-training in our service center.
The stock of factory supplies and spare parts.
Flexible financing, leasing with minimal appreciation, interest-free installments!!!
Single price of equipment in any city of Siberia!!! Prompt delivery across Russia!!!
Over 10 years of experience in sales and service of equipment of the leading manufacturers of China!!!
We are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any of Your question!!!!!
1 year warranty or 1500 m/h
Dimensions: 8010 x 3016 x 3350 mm
Wheelbase 2900 mm
Lifting capacity 5000 kg
Truck weight of 16.9 tons
Speed I gear (forward/back) 13.5 / up to 17 km/h
Speed II gear (forward) to 38 km/h
Maximum vylivnoi force 158 kN
Maximum angle of elevation of 28°
Discharge height 3200 mm
Distance unloading, mm 1274 mm
Maximum digging depth 80 mm
Lifting time of bucket 5.6 seconds
Cycle times of 9.9 seconds
Minimum turning radius 6172 mm (dimensions)
The articulation angle 35 degrees
The oscillation angle of rear axle 12 grad
Engine WD615G.220
Power 162 kW at 2200 rpm
The less fuel consumption 238 g/kW*h
Oil consumption less than 2 g/kWh
Launch electric
Ignition of a mixture of electric
The clutch is ZF F&5340
Type clutch single-level three-element
The diameter of the clutch cylinder 340 mm
The conversion rate of 2.55 clutch
The cooling of the clutch by circulating the oil
Transmission ZL50 c hydraulic control
Speed 2 forward and 1 back
Gear ratio I gear (forward/backward) 2.115 /1.577
Gear ratio II gear (forward) 0.578
Tires 23,5-25
Brake system hydraulic 4 wheel
Management BZZ3-125 hydraulic
Hydraulic pump control CBGj2080
The system pressure 15 MPa
The cylinder control 90 x 340 mm
Reinforced valve control system ZLF25A1
Restrictive valves of the control system XF-B6
The main hydraulic pump of the working system CBGg3100/1010
Working pressure 17,5 MPa system
Dispenser working system D32
The control valve operating system DJS2-UX/UV
Selective valve operating system SF8
The cylinders of the boom operating system 160 x 850 mm
The tilt cylinders of the bucket of the working system 180 x 585 mm
Fuel tank capacity 230 l
The volume of engine oil 20 l
The amount of oil in the box 45 l
The volume of the working hydraulic oil 200 l
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