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Ads website
Narmala.com -this is an international trading platform that allows you to sell products in more than 200 countries. The ad site is aimed at individuals and commercial organizations. With it you can open an online store or sell piece products.
 To facilitate navigation, the products are divided into categories:
Transport. Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. The range of new and used equipment. Buyers can get acquainted with the characteristics of transport, see photos, write a message to the seller.
Realty. At Narmala.com a wide range of apartments. For sale Dorm rooms, garages, cottages. A lot of commercial objects are realized.
Personal effect. Clothes, shoes, toys for children, watches and jewelry are sold within the site. Health and beauty products are available.
For the house. Goods for arrangement of premises. In the presence of furniture, dishes, products for repair and construction.
Consumer electronics. The Bulletin Board contains hundreds of offers for the sale of equipment. Buyers are available refrigerators, televisions, washing machines. In assortment of the keyboard, monitors, accessories for computers.
Hobbies and recreation. The goods for lots of fun. The category includes sports equipment, collectibles, products made with their own hands. There are free ads for the sale of magazines and books.
Animals.  On the site there are private ads dedicated to the sale of cats and dogs. Some distributors offer horses, camels and ostriches. The range of animals periodically expands. New offers are published regularly.
For business. Products for large and small businesses. In the section there are racks, showcases, stands for equipment, electric machines. Components and ready-made solutions are presented.
Within the framework of the platform, free ads are published, paid services are activated at will. The latter speed up the sale of goods, making the product page more visible.
What services can the seller order?
There are a lot of auxiliary options available to the implementer: 
* Color selection of the ad.
* Raising offers in search results.
* Installation of the icon "urgent sale", informing about the favorable terms of the transaction.
Fixing ads at the top of the site. 
Sellers offers enhanced option packages – "X5" and "X25". They are focused on complex acquisition of services, allow to receive the maximum discount. When ordering the package "X25" savings of up to 45%.
Additional options increase turnover, allow you to quickly gain popularity on the site. They are useful for private sellers and online stores.
How to place your offer?
Narmala platform has a user-friendly interface. You can place an ad for free from your home computer and mobile phone. A lot of settings and functions are available to the user.
To submit an ad you must:
* Register. Only authorized users can work with the free Bulletin Board. The registration procedure does not take much time. Just enter your username, password and email address. It is allowed to use accounts from social networks.
* Create ad. The user fills in a special form. He chooses the specifics of the offer (buy, sell) and category. Enter a description of the product (service), fill in the field with the price. If desired, you can attach a photo or a link to the video.
* Get approval from moderators. Each ad is tested. This allows you to identify scammers and remove fake offers. If moderation will not be revealed by the violation, a fresh advertisement will appear in the search.
Organizations and individuals can advertise for free. The limit on the number of active offers depends on the account status
The advantages of online
The website of free ads Narmala is developing dynamically. Users open up new opportunities related to navigation, sales and purchase of products. The site is popular in Russia and CIS countries, in demand in America and Europe.
Advantages of the site:
* The ability to place an ad for free. Users do not pay additional fees and charges. To submit an ad, just fill out the form and pass the moderation. You can publish one or more offers. For online stores with a large turnover there are special accounts. They allow you to place hundreds of ads, quickly correct information about products and services.
· Wide audience. Every day the site is visited by thousands of users. This provides an extensive market, allows you to sell goods of different directions. Their buyers will find private sellers and large stores. With the right approach, you can open a new business direction or increase profits in the target niche.
* Honesty and transparency. To advertise can only authenticated users. Moderators maintain order on the site, analyze proposals for violations. All complaints and comments of visitors are processed.
* Functional search. Selection of suitable offers is carried out by a search algorithm. It sorts the ads according to the target request. In the formation of issuance include the value of goods (services), specified category, availability of pictures.
* Interaction with the seller at different levels. Participants of the transaction can communicate via phone, electronic form, social networks. The full list of active contacts is displayed in the ad.
Working with the site will not cause difficulties. Even novice users will be able to master the interface.
What to look for when submitting an ad?
Sell goods in a short time will help:
· Analysis of the market. After reviewing the proposals of competitors, you can make an objective idea of the cost of goods (services). This will eliminate financial losses and excessive overpricing.
* Organization of discounts and promotions. Favorable price offers stimulate sales. To inform about promotions and discounts will allow the corresponding icon.
* Publication of clear images. Ads with photos have a lot of views. Graphic material allows you to get an idea of the product, demonstrates its condition. The more photos-the better.
* Detailed description. The text part should contain not only the name of the product, but also its detailed characteristics. Optimally, if you will be presented information about the features of the product, its main advantages.
* Application of additional options. Is your niche highly competitive? Pay attention to yourself by highlighting the ad or pinning it at the top of the site. This will attract buyers, increase the number of views on the exposed lots.

Start selling now! Go through a simple registration and place your first ad. We will be glad to see you among our satisfied users!